Bruno Barbieri’s shocking confession about his career: “The End” | A career at the end of the line for a chef

Bruno Barbieri’s shocking confession about his career: “The End” |  A career at the end of the line for a chef
Bruno Barbieri Street Food

Bruno Barbieri, who played the title role, tells about a particular episode that gave a turning point in his life and career.

the judge Master Chef ItalyAs we all know, he has a life with a lot of effort behind him to be able to reach this so-called position Placed in the sun which it occupies today Whether on TV Than in a world Kitchens. a lot Years of study Behind us and also a lot of work behind the scenes and also in front of us to give the audience a noteworthy show.

In fact, it is known that the season Chef It involves a very grueling working session for both in front of and behind the cameras, i.e. in the production. Section Editorial It is almost always the most complicatedBecause, as we know, when you arrive on set, you’re in a kind of theater, where… Times are very tight It is essential that everyone already knows what to do.

So far the original Medicina chef has been the only one on the judging panel Master Chef Italywhich initially saw participation Joe Bastianich With the American version, to be always present in all versions that have been broadcast so far. Now join him Giorgio Locatelli And Antonino Cannavacciolo.

The Life and Apprenticeship of Chef Barbieri

So today Bruno He has become a star in the kitchen and for that reason everyone who knows him is necessarily indebted to him past And for many Sacrifices Made at an early age. After his studies, he thought it would be best to combine two of his great hobbies, which are traveling and cooking, so he thought it would be best to start making kitchens. Cruise ships.

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This allowed him to do so It also comes into contact with many different cultures and flavours Which allowed him, among other things, to expand his knowledge and mind. All this is essential for Chef professionEspecially if you like creating a meeting point between multiple cultures. However, it was time for him too turning pointAs he himself said in a video clip of Corriere della Sera.

The truth told by Chef Barbieri
Bruno Barbieri Street Food

Bruno Barbieri and the turning point

Bruno He said there was Moment that it year At the very least where he heard it something He has changed. And he was fully aware of that something Once again it was almost happening in it At the end of his career. There’s nothing negative, for good. Simply Chef BarbersHe’s learned that To delegate. The truth is as he himself said: “For me, 2007 was a turning point in my life, almost at the end of my career, in the sense that I learned to delegate and it is essential in this profession to be able to delegate.”

By his own admission, he was very cautious at first, but over time he realized that in a large kitchen, where a large team worked, delegation Maybe very important. Comparing football, he stated that to win a team must be under the supervision of a good coach, who must be good at putting everything together. Which is in it He completely succeeded.

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