The best tricks to lose weight this summer

The best tricks to lose weight this summer

Tricks to lose weight? calm. Losing weight is easy if you know how. next to You can do this without much effort if you follow some healthy lifestyle habits Real foods are used in your diet.

By following these six tips Let us reveal to you below that you can lose about 5 kilograms in just one month. Here are the keys:

Don't skip the jump. Although the necessity of breakfast for weight loss divides the scientific community, there are more specialists who recommend eating within minutes of waking up. Of course, it is not necessary that the list be abundant. The ideal is to eat something to energize the body and restore its strength to start the day.

Eat meals every three or four hours. sYes, it is recommended to do it, because it helps the body burn calories during the digestion process. In addition, it will also fill us up and prevent us from overeating one of the meals of the day due to anxiety. It is also important not to skip meals.

Following the board rule is another key. That is, half of what we will eat is from vegetables and plants25 percent of the dish is proteins and the remaining quarter is carbohydrates. You should avoid ultra-processed foods. Fats too. That's why it's very helpful to organize a weekly list before going shopping. In this way we will also avoid buying products impulsively. It is advisable to avoid products that come in packaged form: on the one hand, they are less environmentally friendly, and on the other handAnd others, usually processed for industrial manufacture.

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Drinking water is another key to losing weight. It is recommended to drink at least one and a half liters per day. It is also necessary to abandon the consumption of alcoholic and soft drinks. Both are harmful to the body.

Comfort is another key. Good sleep, at least seven hours a day, helps lose weight.

Another essential point to lose weight is exercise. You don't need to become an elite athlete. More quickly, it's about doing a minimum level of activity for at least an hourday . For example, walking. Following a routine of walking for an hour in the morning or at the end of the day, after work, is very beneficial for the body, and not just for losing weight.

According to experts, By following these tips, you can lose up to 5 kilograms in just one month. However, this number depends on your metabolism and how carefully each person follows these tips.

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