April 2, 2023

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Ukraine latest news. The Kremlin is open to negotiations, but Kyiv prohibits them by law. Berlin: The opposite is true

Kyiv, 76,460 Russian soldiers have been killed since the start of the war, 530 yesterday

About 76,460 Russian soldiers have been killed by Ukrainian forces since the start of Moscow’s invasion of the country, including 530 in the past 24 hours: this was announced by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ukrinform reported. For their part, the Russian marines reported the fall of about 300 men in four days during an attack in the Donetsk region (east), Medusa reported. In its update of Moscow’s losses so far, the military notes that 277 fighters, 260 helicopters, and 1,472 drones have also been shot down. In addition, Kyiv forces claim to have destroyed 2,771 Russian tanks, 1,782 artillery systems, as well as 16 ships and 399 cruise missiles. At the same time, Medusa reported that the army of the 155th Marine Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet sent a letter to the governor of Primorye, Oleg Kozymyak, complaining that he had suffered heavy losses (“were killed, wounded and missing about 300 people”) near the village of Pavlevka in Donetsk. In the letter, the marines said that in four days they had lost “about 300 people dead, wounded and missing” during an “unprovoked attack” on the village of Pavlevka near Voglidar in the Donetsk region. The marines denounced in the letter that their commanders – “General Muradov and his compatriot Akhmetov” – planned the attack so that the first “received credits before the Chief of Staff” Valery Gerasimov, and the second received the title of Hero of Russia. “They don’t care about anything, just to show themselves. They call people a body,” the letter says. The Marines asked Kuzmiak to report the incident to the commander-in-chief to send an “independent” commission not linked to the Ministry of Defense.

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