Fiat, one of the most beloved coupés in history, is brought back to life: and the result is sensational

Fiat, one of the most beloved coupés in history, is brought back to life: and the result is sensational

Fiat has made some of the most beautiful cars in history, and there’s a model that could return to the market, who knows. There are those who imagine it that way.

The Italian giant par excellence when it comes to car production is undoubtedly Fiat. Torino has always managed to make not only small cars that dominated the local market, but also cars with great charm and excellent performance.

Fiat, someone is thinking about returning the dream –

This is certainly not the approach that has essentially dictated the Fiat brand throughout its history, but every time it has launched itself into these projects it has been able to do so. Giving life to unforgettable models. So the hope is that one of the best cars ever from the Turin company will return.

Among the most beautiful ones we certainly cannot fail to mention fiat 124 sport, The coupe model was born in 1967 and remained on the market for eight years. An elegant and powerful car that managed to estimate sales exceeding 300,000.

The car is 411 cm long, 167 cm wide and 134 cm high. The first model features a 1,450-horsepower four-cylinder engine, with… Provide maximum 90 hp The maximum speed can reach 170 km/h.

Fiat 124 Sport: concept of the future?

There are those who dream of a possible new model for this amazing car and architect Tommaso D’Amico She once again managed to hit the mark in the hearts of fans. There are many projects that D’Amico has created in recent years, and he recently decided to reinterpret what could be new Fiat 124 coupe For the day. But the style of this model is not related to the first series, but rather to the second, as the designer himself stated.

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Fiat 124 Sport project, new model
FIAT 124 Sport, that’s what it could be –

So we are in front of a car that was first manufactured in 1969 and was presented at the Turin Motor Show. However, the idea was to give life to the vehicle that presented itself as an idea 2000 displacement engine And with the possibility of dispensing with the maximum amount of goodness 280 hp.

The engine will be rear-wheel drive, with the possibility of a gasoline or hybrid engine. This would allow the Fiat 124 to show itself even more in the future, following the development of the current car market.

Of course, for now this is just another great hunch from one of the best car designers of recent years. The project was launched on January 29, 2023 and more than 100 thousand people have liked this masterpiece. Who knows then that in the near future Fiat may also decide to listen to this advice and give it a new life Once in a wonderful time 124 sports.

At the same time, if a new Fiat model could be born, another one was bound to disappear. In fact, as of next year the Fiat 500X will no longer be produced. It will be replaced by the new Fiat Panda which will have completely different shapes from the current ones, increasingly moving towards SUV characteristics rather than a small car.

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