Bad times for Tinder, the popular dating app dragged to court: what are the charges?

Bad times for Tinder, the popular dating app dragged to court: what are the charges?

There's a problem ahead for Tinder, which is so popular all over the world: the dating app is in really big danger. What happened and what could be the consequences.

This application on your phone is used to arrange appointments and thus Meet new people on social networks. The purpose of Tinder, an app known around the world, has become a hot topic in court.

Bad times for Tinder, the popular dating app dragged to court: what are the

And for this very reason, in fact, A group of users has launched a class action lawsuit Against Match Group, the company that runs Tinder and two other apps (Hinge and The League). The causes are very specific, and the consequences have not yet been discovered.

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It feels like a game-like app, but for users who have taken legal action “There will be a goal.”User trap“With its use”does not resist“. In fact, according to them, it would not be beneficial to find the desired person, on the contrary.

A class action lawsuit filed by users against the dating app Tinder has sparked controversy –

The class action lawsuit was filed by users in federal court in California. According to citizens, in fact, Match designs its apps with the aim of getting people to sign up for premium subscriptions and thus creating a form of addiction. work they sayPredatoryComplete with very specific accusations.

“It all started because they were believed to be active on Tinder.”Psychologically manipulative features to ensure users stay on the app forever“, is read. Right there Growth in subscriptions So it will be a factorpriority“For a company no.”Delivers on its marketing promises and customer relationship objectives“, denounced the users who filed the class action lawsuit.

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to'program The appointments will be based, according to users, on “Powerful hidden techniques and algorithms“Like keeping users always active. Subscription business model And Premium membershipHence the form of “addiction” that citizens denounced.

Although the app is free, there is an interface to purchase new features. It's a paid system, which is uncommon: other apps use the same interface Paid subscriptions. It is a really big problem for the American company that will now have to address this situation. Tinder is at the center of controversy over its distinctive features, among other aspects.

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