In the next few days, do not take your eyes off the sky: an amazing shower of shooting stars will come

In the next few days, do not take your eyes off the sky: an amazing shower of shooting stars will come

How to photograph comet showers

Spotting a bright star during one of the many meteor showers annually can be a rewarding experience. Capture that feeling in one Photography It could be better, but it takes some skill.

If you want to photograph the beauty of the night sky while being showered with stars, you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment. According to Kain Jones, CEO of photography and copyright company Pixsy, you can also capture the experience with your phone’s camera.

Jones shared some tips from Astrophotography With FOX Weather to help sky watchers catch the elusive meteor shower.

In order to be successful with any night sky photography, a little organization is required. First of all, it is important who you are As far away from city lights as possible. In order not to risk that clouds obscure the view, it is also a good idea to check the weather forecast.

Then there are all the factors related to being able to take pictures. It is important that the camera as stable as possible. If you don’t have a particularly steady hand, you can use a professional tripod or base of any kind. To avoid blurry images, it’s also a good idea to use a file timer.

Besides the precautions people can take, there are features that different phones offer.

Preparation is key

L’iPhone 13 Pro Max and theiPhone 14 Pro Apple has night mode For low light photography, which simulates a slow shutter speed, letting in more light. Users can also choose to take photos in RAW format. This mode will capture every pixel and piece of data, which can be really useful for editing laterJones said.

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until the Samsung Galaxy S21 Pro And super It includes multiple lenses that are perfect for capturing sharp images. The 108MP Ultra sensor is perfect for low-light conditions. The Pro model doesn’t have as much processing power, but the bright night mode can still take good night photos.

Shooting stars is not easy –

Samsung has also published a guide with recommended shutter speed and ISO settings for capturing stars, the moon, and the Milky Way, which you can find on their website.

until the Google Pixel 6 Pro It is a good device for shooting stars at night. It features three lenses and it’s called Low Light Mode night mode. There’s also a “action” mode, which is suitable for long exposures if you’re trying to catch more shooting stars during a peak meteor shower event.

Many photography apps provide more flexibility if your phone can’t set exposure and shutter speed. night cap It was designed with astrophotography and low-light situations in mind. For $2.99, the app lets you create long exposures and adjust the ISO value and aperture. It also has settings for capturing stars, the moon, and man-made objects in space.

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