Icon of the Seas, the new giant of the seas, dazzles with its maiden voyage from Miami

Icon of the Seas, the new giant of the seas, dazzles with its maiden voyage from Miami

The world of cruises gives Welcome to the new Giant of the Seas: “Icon of the Seas”. With its imposition 365 meters long And the weight exceeds that 6000 aircraftThis giant Royal Caribbean International cruise ship has set sail from the Port of Miami on its maiden voyage, marking a major milestone in the tourism industry. He is Five times larger than the Titanic.

This floating giant, built by a Finnish shipping company At a cost of about $2 billion, was opened with pomp and circumstance last Tuesday. The person responsible for christening the boat was none other than Lionel Messi, accompanied by other players from Inter Miami.

Icon of the Seas is not only large in size, but also offers many experiences. This luxury cruise is offered in the form of Floating city What a combination Shopping mall, hotel and water park. With a total of 7,600 people on board during its 7-day voyage through the Caribbeanthe ship has 2,805 cabins Distributed over its twenty covers.

Largest bar and swimming pool

From the tallest waterslide and waterfall on the high seas to a water park, ice skating rink and the largest bar ever on a cruise ship, Icon of the Seas promises to satisfy every whim of discerning passengers. In addition, 40 bars and restaurants, 20 decks and seven swimming pools, including the largest on a cruise ship, Providing unparalleled entertainment options.

The huge weight is 250,800 tonsThe Icon of the Seas is equivalent to a fleet of 6,117 aircraftIts dimensions of 365 meters long and 49 meters long make it the largest cruise ship in the world. Its construction represents a major investment that reflects the growing demand for tourism experiences on board.

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It was opened by “The Greatest”

The icon of the first sea voyage has captured attention Not only because of its size, but also Due to its media influence with the presence of Lionel Messi And other prominent Inter Miami players. The publicist must have thought: “To open the biggest ship, what better way than to bring in the biggest.”

Despite its massive proportions, the icon of the seas does not escape environmental challenges. Although it was initially touted as a sustainable project, expectations waned over time. Despite the application of the use of liquefied natural gas, with a reduction of CO2 emissions by 25%₂, concerns arise about methane emissions, which contribute to global warming.

The cruise that You will mainly sail from Miami to different areas of the Caribbean The American coast faces a difficult task of achieving balance Extravagance and luxury with environmental responsibility. Despite the challenges, the sailor icon symbolizes the continuity of the journey Industry growth Cruise shipswhich saw a 14% increase in 2023. This is now actually expected 36 million passengers They will choose this modern form of vacation During 2024.

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