These are the cheapest apartments in Barcelona

These are the cheapest apartments in Barcelona

BarcelonaThe cheapest apartments in Barcelona advertised on the main real estate portals do not exceed 700 euros per month. It consists of dozens of houses ranging in size from 18 to 35 square metres, distributed in different areas of the Catalan capital.

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“Many agencies don't have them on their portals anymore because the real estate agency is overwhelmed with the number of people waiting. The highest volume of rental products in Barcelona is in the Eixample, there is very high demand.” Explains at ARA Portal Studies Director, Ferran Font.

Loft without occupancy certificate

For €625, the cheapest offer this newspaper has found, Fotocasa is advertising a loft whose description recommends “consultation with local authorities” about requirements for a habitability certificate and change of use. The apartment does not have one, and renting a house in these circumstances is illegal.

It is ground floor facing Calle Pablo Iglesias in the La Prosperitat neighborhood, with an area of ​​37 square metres, fully furnished. It is also available for purchase: “Sale preferred, but rent may be assessed,” confirms the ad, although it is published in the rental section of the portal.

She lives in 18 square meters in Sant Antoni

“Small studio with sofa bed. Designed for one person. Building has elevator and concierge service. Has washing machine and air conditioning.” This is how the advertisement for an apartment in the Carrer Viladomat area in the Sant Antoni district of Barcelona reads.

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It shares with the rest of the apartments advertised for less than 700 euros in the passive energy efficiency category. In this case the monthly rent is 650 euros and the studio is equipped with a touch TV next to the kitchen with a small toilet next to it.

25 m2 without heating in Raval

For €670 per month, with an additional €30 to pay community expenses, Idealista offers a 25 square meter apartment in the heart of Raval. The house has one space, a common area, a sleeping bed, a kitchen and a full bathroom.

The apartment is located on Carrer de la Luna, on the first floor. It does not have an elevator. The only condition that the tenant must fulfill is to have a “seniority contract” that exceeds twice the value of the rent.

Study for only 11 months

In the Gracia district, for 655 euros, there is a 26 square meter studio that accepts only transient tenants. In the same description, the advertisement indicates that it is a seasonal rental offer. “Possibility of remote booking”, highlights the offer.

Like the other apartments, this studio is intended for one person only. Located on the third interior floor, it has an elevator and an energy consumption rating of E, the third lowest. It was built in 1965 and has no rooms.

Seasonal rents have risen dramatically

The real estate sector has repeatedly warned that regulating rental prices will lead to a shift from traditional rent to seasonal rent. The reason is that for many owners this method is a shortcut to avoid price fixing, which only applies to traditional renting.

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According to the latest data published by Idealista, this prediction has come true: the supply of seasonal rentals has grown by 58% in the last 12 months in Barcelona, ​​with 30% of the apartments offered on this real estate portal being seasonal.

This type of contract is longer than 30 days – if it lasts longer they will need a tourist residence permit – but less than 11 months, as they will be considered normal rentals. However, the key to considering it seasonal is that it is not your typical renter's home.

“At the agency, seasonal rental prices have almost doubled. The owner has to invest, with more modern furniture, to make his house flat. This makes the prices higher, and they are looking to get more profit from it,” explains La Rosa (fictitious name), who manages Small real estate company in Barcelona, ​​according to ARA.

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