How to change the appearance of your home with lighting: 5 amazing ideas

How to change the appearance of your home with lighting: 5 amazing ideas

Here are 5 amazing ideas that allow us to change the look of the house and dining room thanks to lighting.

Lighting also plays a very important role in our home. In recent years, the dining room area has become the absolute champion of chandeliers and lights. An area of ​​the house where we can afford some More bold and design choicesAnd also with regard to its lighting. Solutions starting from the ceiling with specific chandeliers descending a few meters from the table are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to some small tips and ideas you can change the appearance of the house.

Usual isn't always the best move. Homogeneity makes our homes similar and not so personal. Very often we find above the dining table a classic ceiling lamp with standard lighting. No font And of an aesthetic nature. This way, the furniture becomes a bit dull and there is nothing real and personal in the rooms of our house. We need to be more daring with modern solutions that can enhance our dining table Well lit and unique.

Lamps can be hung above the table Complete the decoration of the living area. A widespread and aesthetically pleasing option. It completely changes the effect of the entire house and makes the dining table more of a protagonist. The cone of light coming from the pendant lamps perfectly illuminates the table, giving it importance and comfort. The height of this lighting must be precise, so that it only illuminates the table. Ideally, it should be about 60 cm high so that the light does not obstruct vision or cause too much discomfort.

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5 amazing home lighting ideas

Each table is in shape and size He needs a specific lamp. The aesthetic choice of the object is the basic starting point for making the best choice. It is also important to consider the space around the table to understand it Type and intensity of light Emitted by the lighting we will choose. The first idea is that if the table is regular, rectangular or round and at least two meters apart, there must be at least two lighting points.

5 amazing ideas for choosing the right lighting for our home.

Hanging chandeliers are ideal for lighting the living area –

If the table is small, the emphasis should be on lighting One central point of light. The dimensions of the chandelier should always be the same In proportion to the table itself. An ideal choice could be to start from a central light point and lower a group of small lights at different heights. The second idea is to base your choice on the material of the table and the needs of the room in which it is placed.

The third idea is to determine whether the shape of the lamp is similar or opposite to the shape of the table. An important aesthetic choice Which must be evaluated very carefully. If the table is circular, it is best to avoid angular shapes to light it. The fourth idea is based on the power of light that we must pay attention to. Each light can have its own intensity Completely changing its effect on the room.

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The fifth idea is the most urgent but not obvious. We need to make sure that the chandelier we have chosen for our dining table Match the rest of the lighting in your home. We don't have to deviate too much from the design that already exists in our home. An aesthetic contrast that is too strong can have a very significant impact on the visual impact of a living area.

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