“Blown to the head.” The friend he was with has disappeared

“Blown to the head.”  The friend he was with has disappeared

He was with his girlfriend in a jungle in Thailand. But he, a 16-year-old Englishman, was found dead during her disappearance, and now the police are looking for her. and Ramit bin Tauta A 16-year-old British boy went for a motorbike ride with Yam, a girl of the same age in Lampang City on Saturday, but never returned home. In fact, the teen was found dead in an orchard with head wounds, possibly caused by a blunt object.

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Death is yellow

Police officers who found and examined the victim’s body reported missing the 16-year-old’s phone and money, evidence indicating that the thieves stole the young man’s belongings and then hit him on the head and killed him. This is at least the main hypothesis, but according to investigators, the boy could have been killed elsewhere and left in the woods, because there were no signs of a struggle.

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I’m looking for the girl

Thai media reported that the teenager was found with his back against a tree, wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and jeans. “We are currently tracing those close to the victim, including his missing partner, who is a key figure in this case because she was the last person he saw alive,” the officers said. But Yam’s parents are also very concerned about the absence of the girl, who may have experienced violence from a third person.

No paths are excluded

Police, for now, are not ruling out any motive, attributing the murder to a possible romance or personal conflict. “It is not yet clear whether it was a robbery or not, because the deceased’s phone and money have not been found, but we cannot yet rule out other cases,” the police said.

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