Toyota places one of its models among the 10 cheapest cars in Spain

Toyota places one of its models among the 10 cheapest cars in Spain

It is not a complete secret that the prices of the automobile industry have risen significantly in recent years, as has also happened with many other products, so nowadays it is not easy to find a really cheap car on the Spanish market. Moreover, there are quite a few who remember with great affection those times when you could buy a car in our country at a lower price. 10.000 euros, And it wasn't exactly one or two options.

The fact that the car is currently cheaper in our country remains precisely at this figure, at a barrier 10.000 euros, It is already clear that prices on the car market have risen in recent years, therefore, to find today a cheap car that arrives fairly well equipped, we will have to search. To set our budget between 12,000 and 15,000 euros.

Toyota is the only one in the top ten that is cheapest

The really simple options in our country are, for example, Fiat Panda I Fiat 500models starting from less than 10,000 euros in condition Panda And less than 11,000 euros in case 500. Small step above the two Daciahe springthe cheapest electric car in Spain for less than 12,000 euros, and Sandero, which is an extremely low cost of just over 12,000 euros. The last model that remains under 13,000 euros is the Mitsubishi Space Star.

Already above 13,000 euros we can find options such as Citroen C3he Hyundai i10 Or the Dacia Sandero In his version Stay awayCrossover version. Because the two models that close the top ten list of the high region in terms of price are Toyota Aygo Cross And the Come here Picanto.

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Obviously, because it couldn't be any other way, the vast majority of these models are either urban or country models, and with the exception of the spring, every one of them has really simple combustion engines, so they're ideal options for those on a limited budget and don't need Large luxuries or large engines in their car.

Certainly among all these options, taking into account the quality-price ratio, one of the most interesting is citroen C3, A simple tool but higher in quality and performance compared to models like Sanderohe Panda Or the Space star.

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