One of the top 10 “escape rooms” in the world is located in Terrassa

One of the top 10 “escape rooms” in the world is located in Terrassa

It has been open for at least three months and is already in the top ten globally. The pub, it’s called. This new escape room in Terrassa is the ninth best in the world and number one in Spain, according to the Oscars for Escape Rooms and the Terpeca Awards. What’s special about that? “The most impressive thing is what’s on the inside,” smiles one of the partners, Ricardo Infantes, with excitement. The secrecy did not last even for a week. “Everyone says so,” he shrugs resignedly, “that there is a boat.”

Ricardo Infantes is one of the partners of The City Escape Room. They already have twenty rooms in Catalonia and Madrid. He refers to La Taberna as his new “flagship.” It is located on Terrassa (carrer Llobregat, 4B, room 11), half an hour from Barcelona. It’s an escape room with a theme park extravaganza. It is played in an industrial building with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters and a height of 14 metres. “It gives you a lot of play to get up and down and throw yourself around…” Give more clues. “What happens at La Taberna – they say Las Vegas style – stays at La Taberna.” The partner only reveals what is already lip service: that it is a pirate adventure with a nod to Pirates of the Caribbean and that you even find a boat! “But you will not imagine what it is until you see it – confirms Ricardo.” There are many surprises. “When people see the boat, they can’t believe what they have left to see.”

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“Preparation is a thing of the past,” emphasized Eulalia Boujadis and Josep Brühl. They know what they’re talking about: they’ve saved the world more times than Bruce Willis in the entire Crystal Jungle saga. They are seasoned masters of escape. Two masters of escape. Die Hilden, they were baptized 10 years ago. It means “heroes” in German. His heroism? After escaping from nearly ¡1500! Escape rooms, including La Taberna.

“The evidence – Die Helden continues her verdict – is very well integrated and there is also a bit of acting, which makes the game interesting, and a touch of tension, which always helps to get the adrenaline up.” All in all, it’s two hours of pirate adventure. Like going to the movies, but as the protagonist. It’s been years since I’ve been able to escape the room. What matters now, says Ricardo, is “experience.” It’s the new comeback of entertainment. The goal is now within everyone’s reach: “Live a movie.”

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