“I always have another song, a style to unlock, and new musical challenges.”

“I always have another song, a style to unlock, and new musical challenges.”

“I always have another song, a style to unlock, and new musical challenges.”Jordi Kalol

I throw it Frederick Strand He was Alt Empordà's first representative on 3Cat's “Eufòria” programme. He made it to the sixth concert and his popularity increased like wildfire, as evidenced by the number of people who stopped the singer moments after this interview ended in his hometown.

Until a few days ago he was one of the contestants of the program “Eufória”. How was this experience?

The truth is that it was shorter than I had hoped, but I am very happy because it is the first time I have entered such a singing competition, and I was able to show different sides of my voice, as in the case of “Rousseau” and “Great Love.”

He talks about the song “Grande amore” that he sang at the reverse ceremony where he was chosen as the audience favourite. What did you feel at that moment?

That day, before he knew the final result, he knew that he should be proud and happy with what he did no matter what. This helped me when I was nominated for the next two awards.

Did he expect to be kicked out at the sixth ceremony?

I had a strange feeling because I was very quiet during the whole process, but when Albert Sala started speaking I thought it would be my last day at Euphoria. However, I'm very glad that I was never told anything bad about The Voice being a singing competition. I have adapted to the methods that have been asked of me, and if I move more or less I think it is secondary because it is not what I worked on for years.

In fact, the jury always commented that he controlled his voice well. At recent concerts, the greatest pressure has been put on dancing.

Exactly it was also said that I had taken my suggestion on the lyric and I totally disagree with that and I think many lyric singers would too. I don't know what they were referring to, maybe they were referring to vibrating Which I had complete control over, but the style was not lyrical.

How did he live these days after being expelled?

Very good because I have finally reached a point where I can believe in myself after so many years of hard work in music.

During these weeks, he said on more than one occasion that music is his life.

I think a lot of people say that, but few people actually live it. When I got fired, I left there around two in the morning, came home around five and by eleven I was making music with my producer. I always have one more song, one style to unlock, and there are always mixes in my head and new musical challenges.

Coming back to Euphoria, how were your weeks with this talent?

Unusually intense. I found myself unable to do anything but practice my songs, choreograph, second vocals, and get along with my colleagues and everyone on the show, to whom I am so grateful that we always supported and encouraged each other, even outside of “Euphoria.” '.

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You've kept in touch with your contest followers, haven't you?

naturally! Although I try not to talk to them too much because I know first hand that they are very busy and nervous and have to do their work. The connection will be there later, and it will remain forever.

Despite the severity of the weeks he said, they could keep coming even cast down?

During the week I spent in Barcelona in my grandmother's apartment, otherwise it would have been impossible. I only came here to spend a Saturday.

Out of your entire run through “Euphoria,” what surprised you the most?

I think the biggest thing is intensity. I thought I was ready, but once you get there, you'll need a few weeks to put everything in place. I had to do meditation exercises through online courses to be calm. Another thing that surprised me was the personal growth in these two months. I'm at the best point in my life in that aspect. But I was also surprised that there was a good relationship with the contestants Trainers Even with the jury.

Did you communicate with the jury after the ceremony?

No, just that moment. These are moments so full of emotion that there are other moments that do not carry this emotional charge.

One topic that always elicits comments is the choice of songs. Does orgasm have an effect on her?

We have a list of songs that we have suggested and then the program can offer them to us or not. But you have to be very lucky to play one of these songs. We had no weight in choosing themes or costumes.

Wardrobe is another controversial issue.

I'll say the same thing as always because that's what I believe. I don't understand anything about dancing or fashion. I can say whether I like it or not, but from the point of view of someone who understands it they can say that it is very good.

While you were preparing the show, did you weigh in on the decision?

Your voice is your voice. The program tells you the theme and version, but singing it one way or another is up to each individual. Yes, there is a council where we sing in front of them Trainers And colleagues give you their opinion. From here you get closer to him one way or another.

If you had to choose one of her dresses, which one would you choose?

It's tough, but I'll stick to three moments. As a song I will stick to “Rosó”, as a performance, I will stick to the moment when I sang “Grande Amore” for the second time at the end of the concert, and as a moment, I will stick to the farewell on the last day with “Always on My Mind” when I sang it again. Although I was dismissed, I felt very loved by both my colleagues and the jury because I consider at least two of them to have great respect for me. I think it was difficult for them because at one point they wanted to go back in time and Carol Rovira loved it so much.

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He was shocked when he left his colleagues to say goodbye to the jury.

At every concert I sang, afraid of what they would say, and I wanted to break the barrier that existed with the jury. I have since changed for the better.

Another part of the program is the public exhibition. Suddenly he was someone known everywhere.

What I liked most was that what they saw wasn't a mask of mine, it was a mask of mine. This means that when I go out into the street and they come to talk to you or ask for a photo, I am the same person they saw on TV, not a character. I may fall in love with you for better or worse, but I am myself.

During the weeks she competed, a WhatsApp group run by her parents had hundreds of members.

The beginning of all this is strange. My grandmothers are not good at new technologies and we created a family WhatsApp group to pass out the voting link. Then we added other people and it just snowballed. In the beginning, the goal was only to facilitate matters within this circle, and then it became larger and larger, reaching more than 600 members.

Did he follow the comments on social media or isolate himself from all the media noise?

I've been trying to isolate myself, but the temptation to look at it a little is inevitable. I didn't encounter any really bad reviews, everything said was positive. At most, I found a dancing joke, but nothing else.

It was Alt Empordà's first euphoria. How was the reception of the people of Lanka?

I am very happy to be able to represent my city and county. In Llançà I was the boy who sang, but now that I was myself they could tell what I was like. I'm so grateful, because I've been cooped up in my cave in front of the piano for so many years, and to come out and feel loved is so appreciated.

After leaving the program, how is your daily life? what are you doing now?

After this interview I stayed with the producer. People will not wait for anything to come. I don't know how it will go, but the day I can publish my songs will be revolutionary. I've accepted that I'm quite a versatile artist when it comes to composing and I don't know my limits, but I'm excited to keep pushing them. I want to create some kind of routine so that it is known that on such and such day I always release a new topic. I want to do very innovative things. Now what I have is the absence of fear and I really want to open this new stage.

What styles do you want to get into?

What I want to do is not done yet. I look forward to proving that in action, song after song. Every topic will be unknown, even to me.

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Do you have any idea when you'll start releasing this new music?

I don't know, maybe in the summer we can start taking things out.

If we jump back to your beginnings in the world of music, what were they like?

It was due to shock. I wrote a song and sang it in high school when I was in my first year of ESO and it was so bad, from the stage I could hear people laughing at it. I couldn't finish it, so I left, locked myself in the toilet and cried, and that's when I had the first click of my life. I had only two choices: either leave it as just a story or start fighting for it. It was clear I didn't want to feel that way again, but not because of what they said but because I believed the harassment. I didn't make music because I liked it, I made it because that's what made me feel worthless and I wanted to prove to myself that I would fight for it so I could feel like someone. I had a love-hate relationship with music, and now it's all love, but music has shaped my personality. That's why I think I've been able to evolve and keep doing it, and I can do many styles and mix them. I don't feel the music, I live it inside me.

You could say it was a constant struggle.

completely. I can even say that music was like a person into whom I poured all my fears and insecurities. I can now talk about this matter because it is already a past stage.

From here he moved on to musical training which took him to the Liceu and he learned to play up to four instruments.

I've been going to class for years, but I was never a good student, and I didn't feel included in either the class or the lesson. I didn't understand the music as the teachers explained it, and although I am very grateful to them for their dedication, I never felt like we were moving in the same direction. I've always learned a lot from playing the piano by thinking about what he taught me. I think there's a really big gap in how music is taught. Music is an art, an art that transports and the one thing they don't teach you is transport. I think it takes a completely different approach because they can teach you notes, but they don't teach you how to communicate with yourself and know what message you want to get across. There are a lot of people who make music for years and never end up liking it because they don't connect emotionally.

Finally, which contestants do you consider to be potential finalists?

It's often said that it has to be a boy because the first two versions were for girls, but I think it will be between Misty and the Chuffy Nomes.

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