Luisa Ranieri, the sad revelation years later: ‘I was in 10 years…’

Luisa Ranieri is a beloved, well-known actress and a talented host. However, he made a sad revelation. what is he talking about?

24- Luisa Ranieri – politician

latest movie Luisa RanieriThe Hand of God, a film by Paolo Sorrentino, was chosen to represent Italy at the upcoming Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

But what kind of revelation did he make? What happened?

Luisa Ranieri, the sad revelation years later

Luisa Ranieri did her first job, A great big screen debut with Leonardo Perraccioni: The Prince and the PirateIn 2001. Later the mother of the famous Saint Maria Goretti, she also played the role of Maria Callas in the short series Callas and Onassis, which was broadcast on Channel 5.

Throughout her career, she worked with many prestigious directors who wanted her in the cast. For example, he has collaborated with Pupi Avati in Friends of the Margherita bar, Ferzan Ozpetek in Fasten your belts in 2014 and Paolo Sorrentino in his last film.

Even on the small screen, the actress has been very active. In recent years he has participated in the Luisa Spagnoli TV mini-series, In The Promised Life of Ricky Tognazzi, which ran for two seasons and in the Lolita Lobosco Investigations where he gave life to Assistant Commissioner Lolita Lobosco who works in the Bari Deputy Police mobile squad.

She played many roles for strong and resolute womenHowever, he also had to face some very difficult moments. This is what he revealed years later.

All the pain of his life

In an interview with Il Corriere della Sera he said that he lost his father when he was still young. She was only 24 years old and experienced moments of sadness and happiness at the time. “I spent 10 years analyzing my complexitiesAdmit it. The path she took helped her love herself, but acting contributed too.

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This wasn’t the only major pain in her life, as her parents separated when she was still young. Moreover, in another interview with Grazia, he said that he lost his stepfather three years ago. Every time I got hurt, I was able to find the strength to start over. She found it in family and loved ones, in everyday life, and in the eyes of her two daughters.

Luisa Ranieri's treatment - Politician 24

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