“I would love to do a program in my north-west Catalan region”

“I would love to do a program in my north-west Catalan region”

Noria Marin (Villa, 1981) presents The cost of love To 3 cat, a reality Which means the return of dating shows to public television. Love and Money stars an eye-catching project in which the main contestant is faced with two suitors who are looking for a serious relationship and two others who actually want to cheat him out of the prize money. He or she will have to go on dates until he or she settles on someone whose intentions he or she will not know until the end of the term. At its head is a broadcaster with a very long television career, A Mediaset And growing popularity on TikTok. The journalist has strongly commented on the contents in Catalan and the world The interview now has a place on Catalan television.

It has just been released The cost of loveIt is her first program as a solo presenter and in the Catalan language. Nerves to comment What can I get

I'm so happy with what you can finally see The cost of love. You really wanted to share the show with the entire audience and now it's yours. I hope you like it and that you too can play with the heroes to see if people go in search of love or money.

How did you get the proposal? Never before have you presented a program with these characteristics.

They contacted me from Minoria Absoluta while I was on vacation at the beach and I immediately agreed because I was so excited that they thought of me. I was very pleased and loved the format. I can see they were looking forward to giving me a chance to showcase a new record and that should always be appreciated. I didn't think about it at all, I said yes straight away.

Núria Marín promotes the new program on 3Cat | I looked at Kumas

What type of audience is it targeting? The cost of love?

It will appeal to all types of audiences because I think everyone will be able to see themselves reflected in someone in one way or another. People of all ages participate, different jobs, different sexual orientations, different styles… Many will be able to recognize someone and, moreover, they can reach all kinds of audiences. There's probably a teenager watching the show and their mom or dad comes across it and is interested because this show keeps you intrigued until the end. In my case, my family only witnessed it The cost of love My partner and my eight-year-old niece. I loved it and was fascinated by it all the way! I saw her angry and excited despite her small size.

The cost of love It's a piece of cake we couldn't have imagined until recently at TV3. Do you think public television is being updated with formats like this?

I think TV3 has always been a very modern channel, and in the end, they wanted to do something like this for a long time, but sometimes the method or format was not found. In fact, it is not easy to think of an original product, because very often versions of foreign formats are made, and here, on the other hand, they wanted it to be homemade. The cost of love They ended up choosing it after a very long time of creation, as they wanted everything to fit and not have unexpected issues during filming. I think TV3 always finds a way to do new and different things without ceasing to be a standard everywhere.

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Love and Money stars in a show that gives viewers the chance to play from home, so it could have a big impact on the networks as well. What do Catalans like most? sex or macaroni?

I think in the case of the Catalans, it's clearly 50% to 50%. We love to love, but we also love to play. In fact, I would tell you that we love the game more than the money.

Nuria Marin, host of the dating show
The cost of love Available now on the 3Cat | platform I looked at Kumas

In terms of mechanics, we will see speed dating, but participants will also have plenty of time to tell their stories. Is the goal to make the audience sympathize with them more?

It is not a fast format, the programs last about 50 minutes and we have time to get to know the champions well. There will be time to listen to their stories and empathize with all of them, as well as those interested. First, they will all undergo speed dating which is more dynamic and then it will be the turn of seduction. It is a whole process in which we will all laugh a lot because you see that the protagonist suspects that someone is cheating on him and tries to catch him in a way that you realize from the outside that it will not help him get out of suspicion.

During filming, you and a large part of the crew did not know the identities of those trying to deceive the protagonist. Was this a way to make their reactions more realistic?

I immediately realized that it would be dangerous if I really knew who was selling for money and who was selling for love. I can get away with it! Not knowing was the way I found to be able to play parallel to the protagonist and not have any fake reactions, as I am genuinely reacting because until then I did not know the intentions behind the aspirants. If I was aware of that, I also risked that I would end up adapting the protagonist's decision, and it 100% had to come from him.

The contestants did a 100% gut exercise when choosing which interested parties to stick with. She internally questioned the identity of the hackers. Did you understand it well?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I've had a lot of surprises and been fooled too, even though I always thought I had a good intuition.

“My reactions to 'The Cost of Love' were free of fakery because I did not know the intentions that were hidden behind the applicants.”

In these types of formats, there are always one or two contestants who get more love from the network than others. He's thinking about who could be the biggest candidate for this first season of The cost of love?

There are quite a few people who will win people's hearts, and if they don't find love on the show, then later on there may be people in the audience who are interested in that person.

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a The cost of love Have they managed to create lasting pairs that stay together after the recordings?

Maybe yes, maybe no…we'll see what happens.

The cost of love It will not be broadcast on linear television initially, but on the 3Cat platform. It's a good idea or you should have taken a risk and released it Peak time directly?

This decision responds to the new era. In addition, the consumption of the platform and linear TV is not dismantling. There are people who will consume the product in one channel and others who will consume it through the other. In the end, both audiences responded.

Nuria Marin, host of the dating show
Interview with 3Cat's new fashion presenter | I looked at Kumas

You emphasized in your presentation to the media that it was a source of pride for you to be able to maintain your Northwestern accent on television, as you weren't used to hearing it very often on air.

I'm very, very happy, in fact, when they proposed the program to me, the first thing I thought was that I would love to be able to do a program in Catalan and in north-western Catalan. I'm very proud of my accent, it always has been. I have lived in Barcelona for many years and the easiest thing is to get used to the accent here. In fact, at home in Lleida they always tell me that I was assigned to it… I'm very proud of my accent and the way I speak, I really wanted people to be able to hear me in Catalan in my language. Dialect

Laura Escanes has publicly expressed her regret at being criticized for switching to creating content in Catalan after many years of working with networks entirely in Spanish. Did that happen to you too? Or do they praise that he has preserved his language, especially that dialect?

The problem is that people use Twitter mainly to criticize, and I think we give them too much importance. In my case, I had it all. There were people who were surprised and told me they didn't know I was Catalan and others who celebrated that they were able to hear me speak my language. They can't criticize me because my Catalan is so correct, you know? Of course there will be people who will say things, but I don't want to give importance to people who criticize. I like to give more value to those who tell me that I have a nice Catalonia.

Her fans loved being able to hear her in their language, then?

They were very excited to hear me in this language. What was definitely surprising was that someone from my background spoke Catalan with such an accent. There were people who heard me speaking in Catalan and opened their mouths because they realized that, moreover, I was also from the region! He was surprised, but for the better. The region's population is also very cosmopolitan.

“What was definitely surprising was that someone from my background spoke Catalan with this accent.”

After many years of association with Mediaset, it has now switched over to TV3. Which audience is more grateful, the Spanish or the Catalan?

I think the public is generally grateful. Now, I'm especially thrilled when people stop me on the street and tell me they enjoyed seeing me It's happening. It gives me a sense of family, of course, and I like it very much.

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see you inIt's happening i al The cost of lovenow. sWhat will be next? Will he return to Telecinco or will he stay at TV3?

Well…surprise! I can't talk concretely about my future right now, but there's a lot on the horizon overall.

He's also about to publish his first book, and he hasn't stopped.

I like to do a lot of things and I'm happy to be asked to write a novel. I've had an idea for a book in my mind for a long time, but I didn't know how to execute it. The publisher gave me a series of advice From there it became abstracts' best friend. I've never written so much before! So I wrote I am Aphrodite, which will be released on February 21. It will coincide with the premiere of the movie The cost of love With this publication of the book which is very strange because both things are about love. This is a universal theme, see? In this case it wasn't done on purpose, but rather a very nice cosmic coincidence.

Nuria Marin, host of the dating show
The announcer tells us secrets The cost of love | Mireya Comas

Their fans are also growing like foam thanks to their TikTok videos and The royal family of Salesius Which publishes: Did he fall into the whirlpool of this platform or how did he end up there?

When I realized that I was working less than usual at Mediaset, I told myself that I had to find a way to continue networking because I love doing it. I saw that I could have my say on a platform where I could create content without anyone having to contact me to ask me to do it, but I was the one who decided when and what I created. I also love that it is an open platform where everyone can have their say.

Followers help you know what content to create. At least, from the outside, he seems to be taking this advice to heart.

I started posting videos with a very organic mechanic where people got very involved in the videos and helped me create them The royal family of Salesius. The day I wore my crown for the first time, several users told me they loved it and wanted more. I've been sharing the process of creating this section and my followers have given me lots of hints on what they liked, yes. I listened to them a lot and took them to heart, which I think is the secret to the success of my TikTok channel.

Laundromats in Catalonia seem to be taking off lately. You who have always been keen on this type of content, how do you view the present of this press?

I think people enjoy talking about it more. In Catalonia, we love a sink that has a naughty touch and a sense of humor, and that's exactly what I love most. Now we also have more specific laundry programs in Catalan on Radio Catalunya, for example, with Don't leave here That's what I love. What we need is more Star system Catalan of course.

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