Michael Caine, beloved actor one step away from retirement? “I am 90 years old and I walk poorly.”

Michael Caine, beloved actor one step away from retirement?  “I am 90 years old and I walk poorly.”

After a long and distinguished career, the beloved British actor Michael Caine He may actually be ready to take the long-awaited step back and retire from the world of acting for good.

The actor, who is now ninety years old, recently came out of filming The great escapeea film based on the true story of Bernard “Bernie” Jordan, a Royal Navy veteran who fled his retirement home at the age of 89 to travel to France so he could attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and in a recent interview he hinted that it might be… His latest cinematic projects:

I arrived in full 90 damn years Now, I can’t walk like I want and all that. Now I can say that I am retired.

This is not the first time Michael Caine has publicly expressed his opinionIntention to retire. In 2021 after participating in the comedy The last book The actor had hinted that he felt he was one step away from retirement and that the film could have been the last in his long artistic journey, directed by Lena Rössler.

However, the forced break caused by the pandemic in recent years would have pushed the actor to indulge One last performance On the group:

I was really happy making this movie. I loved the character of Bernie. I thought it was incredible, and really well written. They gave me a good walking stick and I was able to shoot the scenes that required it. I can work Only one shotOtherwise I wouldn’t have been able to stand. Just one shot and that’s it.

Michael Caine then added a musing on the implications of his milestone coming of age, making it Evaluate his private and professional life. The actor in particular faced the prospect of death, which didn’t seem to worry him much:

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The worst part is that a lot disappears from your life. You can’t run, you can’t play football, and you gradually realize that you are approaching death. Death may be around the corner at the age of ninety. but I’m very happy. I’m sitting here writing, doing my thing. I like. I have two children, three grandchildren, and a wife…they will all catch up with me eventually. No one will say, “I’m so sorry you’re going to die. I wish you were like me and wouldn’t die.” Everyone will die. At least I made it to 90, damn itI didn’t die when I was nine, nineteen, or twenty-nine. I’m 90 years old, and I’ve lived the best possible life I could ever imagine. The best possible wife and the best possible family. They may not be the family anyone else would consider the best, but they are the best possible family for me.

So it seems that the maladies of aging have put an end to the prolific and distinguished career of Michael Caine, who now more than ever seems directed towards the enjoyment of music. Eligible retirement. While we are waiting for the distribution methods to be discovered in our country, we remind you of that The great escapee It will premiere on big screens in the UK on October 6.

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