Jordi Cruz shows his face after the scandal in “Masterchef”

Jordi Cruz shows his face after the scandal in “Masterchef”

TVE was forced to apologize after the scandal that caused the last broadcast of Chef. Social media networks sparked a revolution after the treatment that one of the contestants received when she told the jury members that she wanted to leave the competition. Such a situation has rarely been experienced on a cooking show, which had to be eliminated Tamara Because the girl realized that she could do no more.

In her farewell video, the Russian explained that she was fed up and that she did not think it was worth continuing the competition. In the face of this, chefs, in particular, reacted poorly Jordi CruzWho told her that he did not mind her leaving and showed that he was angry with her: “Come here Ciao. Apron and doorThey were told everything because of this lack of empathy and the chain was forced to pull the entire program from its website: “We regret broadcasting content that should not have happened. The administration strengthened internal controls to avoid similar incidents. RTVE reiterates its commitment to mental health.”

What did Jordi Cruz do? Invite the former contestant into your kitchen to record a video together And justify yourself without any shame.

Jordi Cruz and Tamara Dee Chef They meet again after arguing

The Catalan chef and former aspirant appears smiling and complicit in a video that was supposed to soothe souls… which ended up being worse. No apology was heard. Rather, they justified themselves and left the TV viewers to the fools. Why do we say this? When they saw that they insisted and insisted that the number of the Last Day “It's TV“Are they trying to say it was scripted? Because then it's worse.”

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“I say things strongly to mentally strong people. Tamara is,” he began. The girl felt insulted and added: “I think there have been people who have had a lot of fun since then I am in perfect mental healthJordi Cruz insists that A Chef They don't want to attack or undermine anyone: “But we want you to discover the world of cooking It's a TV show. When we weren't recording, we got on very well and laughed a lot.”

The chef expressed his anger at everything he heard against him: “I, who suffer from anxiety problems, do not consider myself the best person to talk about certain topics because I am a chef and not a professional. Can I do better? I think soIn the face of this, Tamara is peaceful: “The fact of making a mistake and not choosing the best words… everyone can make a mistake.”

Jordi Cruz and Tamara reunite after controversy | Instagram

The girl, after some time, explained why she wanted to leave: “When you go to a show, you have to see it beforehand to see what line it goes in. My fault is that I didn't see that. But hey, when you live the experience and you realize that there are certain things that you don't like , you leave as if it were a job or a university course. From now on they say I have mental problems.“.

But the couple clearly wanted to whitewash a scene that had sparked so much anger. They try to show that both of them were exaggerating to bring drama to the TV show, but the trick did not work out well for them. The truth is that this video did not calm their spirits, but at least they showed their faces.

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