Artificial Intelligence will change the job of salespeople forever

Artificial Intelligence will change the job of salespeople forever

Working in the commercial field is not easy. In theory (it depends on the company) these jobs give notable freedom, but are more subject to results than any other job. Now, with artificial intelligence in the middle, radical change is coming for these professionals, who may witness a complete transformation in their performance characteristics by 2028. This is what a recent study prepared by the global consulting firm Gartner indicated.

The commercial street will gain value in the face of the focus on administrative and prospecting tasks

According to the study he prepared Gartner60% of the business tasks currently performed in sales departments will be performed by AI applications by 2028. Today, as the study also indicated, only 5% of the daily tasks performed in this type of department are performed by Intelligence applications. industrialBut the percentage will grow (as much as 55 points) over the next four years. The usual excuses for salespeople who don't get results (administrative work steals my time, I can't sell because ERP forces me to multitask) will no longer be valid.. AI, which improves processes and saves time, will be a tool for everyday use in areas such as target selling, prospecting and analysis.

More time to sell

In short, the effect will be the same as in other areas of work: it will free the professional from repetitive tasks so that he can, if he wants to and his skills permit, focus on tasks that generate value. In commercial areas, this is called selling and generating income. Of course, bad commercials will have more free time to invent new excuses, but they should be more elaborate.

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