What if you eat corn cocoa every day?

What if you eat corn cocoa every day?

the Corn frittersIt is a frequent food for those people who are looking for one A commendable 'snack'To please Jana Between watches Likewise, it is a product that has been commonly associated with Diets Focused on Weight loss.

Although some of these beliefs are true, it is important to know about them dose Suitable for not being exposed to consumption Exaggerated From this food, as well as from their food benefits.

Satisfying appetite

in general, Nutritional value The specification on the package labels for this product indicates what is around it 30 calories For each coquette, as for the nutrients Carbohydrates (Without sugars) is the predominant substance, much higher than other elements such as Proteins that day Askedwhich has a presence minimum In this type of product.

So, it is a food that contains a percentage of calories Very lowWhich only relieves us of consumption Arbitrary Of corn coquette it may be Harmful For health as gathered by various media, controlled intake of this bisculapis is rich Carbohydrates It will be around 3 s 4 Daily units Between hoursa share that will perform the sole function of Satisfaction He wins it.

Health benefits

Among the most important Contributions Of this food in our bodies there FiberIt is also the main responsible for regulating sensation Jana. In addition, this article is correct Intestinal transit Thus helping in the process digestion.

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The other component useful Which is obtained by incorporating corn grains into the diet Niacinvitamin B This allows the body to convert food into… energy It helps maintain the health of both systems tense I digestive Like the Bill.

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