“Experiences, traumas and patterns are also passed from womb to womb.”

“Experiences, traumas and patterns are also passed from womb to womb.”

Holistic healer Valeria Beresso will give a lecture on uterine cleansing this afternoon (7:30 p.m., at Roc Blanc). “To release and heal trauma, energy blockages, and pent-up emotions.”

It seems strange at first. It would never have occurred to us to clean the uterus.
As for the customs of our society, yes, they are strange. It is a suggestion that comes from my life experience and my need to communicate that we need to reconnect more with the spiritual part, with the energetic and emotional part. Humanity is lost in all that is material.

You can already say that.
Well, the proposal is about this, reconnecting with emotions by working from the womb, because it is the origin of all human life. As life moves from womb to womb to womb, so do the memories, traumas, recollections and patterns experienced by the mother and grandmother. way of thinking

For education? While I'm growing up?
But I was in my mother's womb for nine months, and I was part of her. My heart, my lungs, my kidneys, they are me. If I have anxiety, my organs respond, like any other emotion.

Yes Yes.
Therefore, everything that the mother experienced while I was inside her, she passed on to me. Epigenetics has already studied this process, and how to accommodate whatever you experience.

Stay away from tobacco or alcohol if that is not wise.
We must always go further, it is time to think only about the physical. Emotions, beliefs and patterns are also passed down as information in the DNA, and are absorbed in the womb. I am of female lineage and from my ancestors I come from. It may sound crazy when you first hear it, but if you think about it…

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Cervadora feels very much like her grandmother and mother.
You talk about the physical part, and yes, it's the most obvious, but it goes further than that, we form an active clan, we're connected. What they went through would make my life miserable, perhaps because they carry memories of scarcity, of pain, of abuse – there it was in the dojo, and the women did not enjoy sex – and abortion… Everything stems from womb to womb, and that is what we seek to heal.

now. How do we do that?
I do bio-emotional coding, for starters. It is a method that people trust more and more every day. I just know that there are people who do not believe in all this that I am explaining.

He said it remains
How do I do that? Working on our emotions and energies. Those who have never done it will think it is strange, but with visualizations, with meditations, with music… we work on our energy. We all realize that there are negative energies, right? People who bring you down and people who bring you down. This applies to music, for example.

But what is its relationship to the uterus?
We are making an active connection with the womb. I had to, because I had severe menstrual pain. I felt the pulsation of the uterus connected to the heart. The vagina and throat also. The larynx is the same as the vaginal canal.

We didn't think about that.
People do not know that matter is the last level, and before that there is the emotional and vital level. Have you noticed the number of women with polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, fibroids, papillomavirus, and the number of cancer cases?

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Many accidents, yes.
Emotional healing! The physical is the last step. All these diseases, all these physical symptoms, come from the woman's inner pain of being a woman, from the suppression of sensations. This is what biocoding is all about, which is the search for the emotional origin of physical pain.

Isn't it bold to say it's psychosomatic?
Everything is emotional. Our fuel, apart from eating and breathing, is emotion.

In short, this afternoon…
I impart all this information and then I will also conduct face-to-face and online sessions on how to do energetic movements. It affects all life.

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