Alicia Quarto From There Mail To You She became a mother, the son she was expecting from her partner was born

Alicia Quarto From There Mail To You She became a mother, the son she was expecting from her partner was born

Alicia Quarto, the star of You Have Got Mail in 2022, has become a mother to her first child. She was among the protagonists of the popular show hosted by María de Felipe for the betrayal of her husband. Now, together with his new partner Emmanuel, he has made one of his dreams come true.

Alicia IV She became the mother of her first child. The woman who became famous with her participation You’ve got mail And in the year 2022, she was expecting a child with her partner Emmanuelle, whom she met after her first appearance on television. The announcement was made by the woman’s Instagram Stories, who is now an influencer with more than 100,000 followers. “It wasn’t easy, but we did itsaid the young woman after she broke the news of her motherhood. She then concluded addressing the women who have been following her on social media for years:

When I lost my first child, my only thought was never to try for children again. I suffered so much that I almost went crazy. So far, with my little prince, I’m glad I didn’t give up but above all I wish you all to experience this immense joy soon. I wish you to believe and succeed in your miracle. I wish you all to become mothers as soon as possible.

Because Alicia Quarto became famous

Alicia owes her popularity to broadcasting You’ve got mail. It was her husband (now ex) Giovanni who requested the support of the People’s Program hosted by Maria De Felipe in order to win back his wife, who had decided to leave him after discovering his infidelity. This story, recorded earlier, was broadcast in January 2022. Originally from Boscoreale, a town in the province of Naples, it conquered the program’s audience thanks to its fighting spirit and particularly colorful language. The famous moment during which, apart from being in front of the cameras, she revealed what her ex-husband carefully hid from the broadcast audience: Treason He was consumed with his cousin.

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The new life of Alessia Quarto alongside her partner Emanuele

After Alicia finally closed her relationship with her ex-husband, she kept faith in her intention to move on with her life. And in December 2022, months after that relationship ended, the woman fell in love with Emmanuel, the man who would become her partner and, just over a year later, the father of her first child. Alicia’s ex-boyfriend, Emmanuel, was close to her during their separation.

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