Milan Science Museum Welcomes the “Seven Wise Men” of Melotti – Art

(ANSA) – MILAN, Oct 28 – The National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan is hosting I Sette Savi by Fausto Melotti and thus returns to the city, in a permanent setting, an emblematic work of Italian 20th-century sculpture that is considered to many by many. years were not visible to the public.

The sculptures can be enjoyed from tomorrow in the garden of the First Abbey of the monumental building of the Museum thanks to a promotion agreement between the Municipality of Milan, the City of Metropolitan and the Museo del Novecento. I Sette Savi’s arrival at the Science Museum is part of the planning process for the improvement and use of the archaeological parks and annexes, while protecting the Supervising Authority for the Antiquities, Fine Arts and Landscape of Metropolitan Milan.

“We find in the work the multifaceted life scenario, values ​​and visions of the author Fausto Melotti, the sculptor, the poet, the musician and the electrical engineer. Values ​​and visions that are also ours and that will welcome visitors to the museum as an icon,” emphasized Fiorenzo Galli, Director General of the National Museum of Science and Technology. 60 years after its creation, the sculpture group has found a permanent home.

Melotti’s work, consisting of seven Viggio stone sculptures, was commissioned in 1961 by the municipality of Milan to the artist for the garden of the new building of the Carducci High School. The seven sculptures take and modify the plaster work “Constant Man” presented by Melotti at the VI Triennale in 1936 for Sala della Coerenza designed by Studio BBPR (Banfi Architects, Belgioioso, Peressutti, Rogers). Removed after damage and not visible for a long time, the sculptures were recovered from the province of Milan (today a metropolitan city), also thanks to the Carducci Lyceum Student Association, and restored in 2013 with the support of Sea, the company that operates Milan’s airports. (Dealing).

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