Openjobmetis is beaten in the final attack: Tortona passes to Masnago

Openjobmetis is beaten in the final attack: Tortona passes to Masnago

the Dirtona Basketball is starting to get i Outline of the “Black Monster” to OpenJobMitis. Like last year, in direct comparison in Masnago, the Piedmontese They grabbed the two points at the end of the race And the game always remained balanced (78-80). race It was cleared by Kyle Weems’ hat-trick 6″ from the end yet – 15″ has already passed – It was Oliver Hanlan To put the result back on par and the result is in question. But the basketball gods who were so kind to the Canadian (the best red and white player on the court) punished him soon after: Hanlan actually won three 1-inch free throws from the siren due to Obasohan’s stupidity but The first attempt was lopsided From the hands. The second was successful, but at that stage the miracles ended and the voluntary error in the third shot ended Hopes are gone.

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Openjobmitis Varese – Bertram Tortona 4 of 42

A shame perhaps Missed opportunity: Tortona still looks like Open construction site It seemed within reach of Openjobmetis which was itself a “work in progress”, but driven by a large and exciting audience. Instead, the red and white team failed to surrender the match That little extra push To bring the result home, Stop at the best moments (After +7 in the third period, the moment of offensive blackout arrived), you always find Some guys are under the radar Compared to expectations and concessions Lots of bounce.

And again, opponents did just that Enjoy the “second takes” Collect 11 balls under the red and white basket where, once again, Willie Cauley-Stein seemed far from hopeful From the home team’s fans (and nine rebounds are not enough to justify the lackluster performance). But the effort to recover is that, And perhaps more dangerous, in the defensive phase Especially in the first half of the match, this cannot be attributed solely to the former kingpin’s pivot: even today (albeit to a lesser extent than in Bologna) Varese has He suffered from the rearguard pairs Between the tall and short players, too many easy baskets were conceded to Radosevic, Thomas or Weems (who was also excellent with his advantage throughout the entire 40 minutes).

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The honorable defeat against Tortona confirms this Bialaszewski OJM has several disadvantages But it is At least superior to “Vertematian”. Seen in Bologna. Of course the calendar is a killer Trento next Sunday (Back at Itelium Arena) He’s going to be another tough customer. The solution is always the same: work hard, to prolong the good moments and hide the flaws as much as possible. The FIFA debut will also be on Wednesday Europe in Cyprus where it can “Piala”. Lengthening the courses, which are currently reduced in view of. Winning the cup would be useful to regain some calm and move towards the Dolomites. Because the number “2” in the rating needs to be transferred as quickly as possible.

Hanlan, the garnish is missing. Colestein stated, and Dark Blue was born

Double ball

Varese took to the field in the announced, but unprecedented, pink jersey dedicated to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. If the uniforms are different, the quintet is the same as always, with Moretti and Hanlan swapping roles at the point guard positions and Cauley-Stein as the tower in the zone. Ramondino, who rumor has it is in the balance, starts out as a complete foreigner, his extreme counterpart being Dow and Radosevic. The former Strautins start off the bench.

the match

Q1 – Varese shined at the start of the match with two players above everything else, at least in attack: Brown scores 3 goals from the arc, punishing defenses that do not react much while Hanlan puts on an offensive display (9 points) that leaves Weems stunned. The problems exist on the other side of the court as Tortona was able to easily score from underneath with every attempt, adding to Cauley-Stein’s difficulties defending the rim. When Tortona commits fouls, there are always offensive rebounds (5) for the dominant Piedmontese team at the break. 23-24.

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Q2 – Even with Trail on the bench, Varese’s defense concedes a lot in the penalty area, but after going to -6, Openjobmetis reacts and within a few minutes finds the counter pass with a hat-trick from Hanlan, support from Cauley-Stein and 5 points from McDermott. The momentum also saw some applause-worthy plays like Brown’s dunk but then Varese stopped at 40, wasting both actions after Bialaszewski timeouts. Hanlan loses the ball with 5 inches left in the quarter and Obasohan, the Lions’ best player, is punished with the ball 40-41 Like a mermaid.

Q3 – The start of the second half is excellent in OJM because Cauley-Stein is more decisive in passing and because McDermott hits the hat-trick from a corner kick for +7 in the 22nd minute, which will still remain the biggest advantage in the match. Hanlan commits two fouls in a row (the second with the match stopped) and has to sit with three penalties: without the Canadian, Varese’s attack stops and so Daum returns to making baskets after several fouls. Then it is Weems who gives another push to Tortona, who doubles the 30 mark in front of him by 3 (58-61) After disallowing a basket on Olanyo (24 inch violation).

Bialaszewski: “Two decisive errors cost us the match”

the end

We start again along with some good shooting from Shahid, a three from Brown and two free throws from McDermott to make it 67-65 in the 34th minute which will be the final inside advantage. Two missed passes from the home team allowed Tortona to build a small but important break. The gap remains between 4 and 5 points for some moves until Moretti finds his target again from the arc for -2. Tortona could have closed it, but they don’t and are punished by Hanlan who, 21 inches from the end and after a less obvious move by Varese, finds the bomb to make it 77. Ramondino time out, passes the ball to Dow who risks the foul but then pushes the ball to Weems Who – sooner than expected – does not think twice and achieves an amazing hat-trick. In another timeout, Hanlan appears to be wrapping himself up but taunts Obasohan by getting three free throws: but the Canadian’s first one is wrong and the second only serves to fix the shots. 78-80 the last one. bitter.

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Openingbomitis Varese – Bertram Tortona 78-80
(22-23, 40-41, 58-61)

Varese: Moretti 7 (0-1, 2-8), Hanlan 24 (3-6, 5-11), McDermott 12 (2-4, 2-9), Brown 17 (1-2, 5-6), Cowley- Stein 8 (3-5, 0-1); Shahid 6 (2-4, 0-3), Olanyo 4 (2-2), Woldensay (0-2 from 3), Liberzi. Ne: Virginio, Asui. All. Bialaszewski.
Tortona: Dow 11 (3-5, 0-4), Obasohan 13 (3-5, 1-2), Weems 22 (6-10, 2-4), Dow 6 (3-6, 0-3), Radosevic 10 (5-6); Candy 2 (1-4, 0-2), Strauttens 2 (1-3, 0-1), Baldasso 6 (0-3, 2-6), Thomas 8 (4-5). Ne: Zerini, Tavernelli. All.Ramondino.
the reviewer: Paternico, Bartoli, Gonnella.
NB. From 2: verses 13-24, verses 26-47. From 3: F 14-40, T 5-24. Tel: T 10-15, T 13-16. Rebounds: V 37 (8 blocks, Cowley-Stein 9), T 43 (11 blocks, Daum 11). Assists: W 18 (Hanlan 6), D 15 (Obasohan 5). Lost: D 11 (Witness, Olanio, Moretti 2), D 8 (Thomas 2). Retrieved: W 2 (Witness, McDermott 1), D 5 (Obasohan 3). Output 5 errors: none. Spectators: 4,355.

classification (3 days later) V. Bologna, Brescia, Venice 6; Trento, Naples, Milan, Tortona, Reggio Emilia 4; Varese, Cremona, Pesaro, Scafati, Sassari 2; Pistoia, Treviso, Brindisi 0.

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