Goals from Osimhene, Simeone and El Shaarawy- Corriere.it

Goals from Osimhene, Simeone and El Shaarawy- Corriere.it
to Monica Scozzafava, sent to Naples

Napoli beat Roma 2-1 and extend the standings, reaching +13 above Inter, thanks to Milan’s ruckus against Sassuolo.

He gave her everything he had Roma to stop the leadersMourinho Play the match against Napoli And he even took the risk of being equalized, not with the most talented man of all (Dybala) but with the very loyal El Shaarawy who almost never misses a date with Maradona. But Spalletti has another Simon enter the law and bring him backIt is clearly the strongest. Moe’s hunch was likely established: Never in the three-point era has a team fallen 13 points behind second after 20 games in order. The projection is a scudetto.

Steam cart, this is Naples. car Almost perfect Which can only jam when he loses control at high revs. But it’s like it always has an airbag to protect against risky maneuvers. happen to Kim who doesn’t deal with Merritt and sticks his head in her (empty) door The good wind coming from Maradona turns the ball around a bit. It takes place in Kvaratskhelia which runs horizontally and is not exploited by Abraham for a very short time. This time Rome is not waiting, on the contrary. If he can, he presses high, trying to intimidate the leaders at first. It makes her tense and takes away her serenity. Naples frantic, snaps. At times, he seems to lose that patience which is instead another virtue he has acquired this season. This explains the mistakes of Kim and Kafara.

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However, the Georgian ball and chain is always a rage
, despite Cristante marking him well, and it was only five minutes before Rui Patricio had to overpower himself to send a very poisonous ball into the corner. When he then serves his favorite shoulder in the areaOsimhen shows what he is capable ofchest pull, He tames the ball with his knee and hits Rui Patricio hard. Goalfourteenth in the tournamentJamil: Technique and strength, the Nigerian is the cover man for the team that will win His third scudetto, after 32 years. The suspense is part of the ride: the first half ends with a powerful (yet central) shot from Spinazzola and Merritt has to sweep away a corner kick.

Roma have margins for harm, and they try with Ibrahim, who enters the area, but it is Kim who blocks his path. There is a lot of energy on the pitch, and the pace picks up as the minutes go by: Meret saves Criscente and Rui Patricio should do it in Lozano. And It was the Mexican who missed Alama El Shaarawy and made the huge mistakekisa: that’s the equal goal. The backup striker never betrays and above all changes the game. Now Roma are the ones to fear until the last minute. Spalletti enters all the attack battery and it’s Simeone who finds the joker who deserves to win. Roma stopped after 3 victories it’s a Draw with Milan But he leaves Maradona with his head held high.

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