Bookcases and shelves, goodbye confusion with the triangle rule

Bookcases and shelves, goodbye confusion with the triangle rule

If you want to make your bookcases and shelves more tidy, you can say goodbye to confusion by using the triangle rule. Here’s how it works.

Furnishing and organizing your living area perfectly is no easy feat. It is a matter, first of all, of knowing well what we want to get as a final effect: what is the dominant pattern, colors, geometric shapes and, in general, the atmosphere we want to create.

Initial clarity will help us better shape our environments, which must respond to two basic requirements: aesthetics and functionality. These are two principles that should go exactly hand in hand, as when we prefer only aesthetics for work, theAfter that we will have many usage problems Of the furnishings themselves.

Likewise, when we choose only function, we do so at the expense of aesthetics. Specifically in order to combine these two aspects, when it comes to the bookcases and shelves in our living rooms, You will need to find a way to avoid confusion. Confusion is, in fact, ugly both from an aesthetic point of view and a compromise from a functional point of view. To always keep everything in order, there is a valid precious rule called Triangle ruleWhich will allow us to have perfect cabinets and bookshelves.

Bookcases and shelves in perfect order: this triangle rule is possible

Thanks to the triangle rule, our libraries and shelves will no longer be cluttered, and what’s more, it will be very easy to always keep everything tidy.

Bookcases and shelves: triangle rule

Bookcases and shelves: how to arrange them using the triangle rule

Triangle rule It requires us to use objects that will be arranged on horizontal shelves, in order to create real visual triangles. In this way, we will create a visual effect, which will give us a sense of order, regarding all the accessories and objects on our shelves and bookcases.

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The great thing is that we can create as many triangles as we want: It can also include multiple shelves together. We can choose triangles of different types, from equilateral triangles, to get a sense of symmetry, all the way up to right-angled or isosceles triangles.

To best use this rule, We should choose groups of three objects, or in any case an odd number of objects. This is because by using objects, we must recreate the vertices of the triangle. Having an even number of objects will not allow us to get the desired effect. This is a really fast technique, but with great effect.

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