“I am a traitor? From what platform. Now I’m afraid for work.”

“I am a traitor? From what platform. Now I’m afraid for work.”

“It was all a farce. He made a fool of himself not me.” A special story that actually became the motto of the summer, not only in Turin. With a lot of legal ramifications announced from various quarters. He who leaves it to the guests who was supposed to That they attend the engagement party in light of the wedding scheduled for the fall. With the video that went viral in a matter of hours. Now everyone is talking about it. He Massimo will run, a well-known financier and banker close to Carlo de Benedetti. she is Christina SemandiShe is forty years old, a woman as beautiful as her career, in cahoots with the former mayor of Appendino who quickly moved to the Court of Damilano, the municipal candidate chosen by Salvini and then defeated in the elections. He wanted to beat her and leave her in front of everyone because he was betrayed. “Go to Mykonos with your lawyer, it’s all paid for anyway, since you’re so fond of it, I’ll leave you free…».

Cristina Simandé and her failed wedding with Massimo Segre in Turin: “It was a farce. betrayals? Think about how he behaves.

The revenge came to a head when the video began to be shown. With Segre’s list of alleged lovers: a businessman and a lawyer, first of all. With pictures of them together displayed on a giant screen. But here the story will not end in this game, and yesterday I decided to present my version of the facts. She did this to keep her calm, self-assured woman as ever. Because she is ready to move on. “I don’t rule out suing him,” he says. He does not intend to please those who deliberately wanted to beat her: on the evening of the day of separation, the 27th of July last, it was her birthday. After that evening the couple divorced. Never stay in this house again. Employment relations are still being determined. Among his many assignments, Segre is also the boss Moulinette Onlus Research Foundation, a non-profit health organization that was born at the urging of his mother, who was its first president. Even now-ex-girlfriend Simandi has a role in the nonprofit, serving as director and general secretary. A role he hopes to maintain.

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How is he now?
“In the days after the party, I didn’t sleep. Now I finally rest well. At the time it was a shock because I obviously didn’t expect anything. I am now in recovery and starting to see things for what they really are. Meanwhile, many inaccurate things were said.

For example?
«There was talk of 150 guests when there were 45 yes and no 45 people, plus almost all of my friends. I really don’t understand why he decided to do something like this. Such a gesture does not seem to me like him. Obviously, everything was organized, but there must also be someone else behind it who chose to manipulate it. And I’m sorry about that.”

What will he do about his trip to Greece?
We have already packed our bags. Everything was ready. Of course I wouldn’t go with anyone else. He can say or think whatever he wants. Now I’m already on vacation. For Mykonos I will take stock of what to do. But I repeat, if I go there I will do it alone.

What are the charges brought against you?
“But they are all ghosts. If we really want to talk about betrayals, Massimo must think about what he has done over time. You can’t just point fingers.”

People on the internet have been divided, and there are those who defend it and those who stand by it instead…
“My conscience is clear. As I said, I began to look at things with proper detachment. Certainly no man or partner should give me my freedom: it is my inalienable right as a person and as a woman. He wanted his revenge in his own way, believing he was right, but the truth will come out. I hope so too.” To all those people who have been put in the middle through no fault of their own, I would really like to make everything clear: this is enough for me.

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Haven’t you heard from each other since that evening?
“No, I haven’t set foot in the house since then. Working together we will have to figure out how to do it.”

On the occasion of the video, she renewed her appreciation for her work…
“I can’t afford to lose my job. I hope professional cooperation continues above all. We’ll see what happens later, after the holidays, when all this mess is gone.”

Do you have any resentment towards him? How did you feel at the time of the announcement?
“At the time I thought to myself, ‘Is he crazy? A joke?’ But one thing I’m sure is that someone behind him convinced him to do this thing to beat me up. Even the video and its spread were skillfully orchestrated. But I’m not sure his advice did him a favor.”

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