Milan, a gym sign that leaves customers speechless

Milan, a gym sign that leaves customers speechless

The banner that appeared on the wall of the gym in Milan left all the clients speechless: the message is very clear.

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To tone the body, remove extra pounds and tone the muscles, sports activity is undoubtedly a privilege. In addition to practices such as running, cycling and team sports It is also very important Go to the gymYou can take advantage of a full range of equipment that allows you to get back in shape and get very satisfactory results in just a few months. a period COVID-19 pandemic It has inevitably cut the sector’s legs as well, with gyms forced to close to comply with virus containment rules.

The sign that appeared in this gym was all over the internet

Fortunately, in 2022, the numbers for gyms are starting to rise again. After sharp declines in 2020 and 2021Precisely due to Covid-19 and the consequences of the pandemic, last year the sector seemed to be finally recovering.

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Which Italian regions do people visit the most? According to a study conducted in 2019, Lombardy is the first region in this particular ranking.

Actually, that year 19% of Lombard residents confirmed that they have a gym membership. The hope is that soon we will be able to reach and possibly even exceed this number.

As mentioned, people go to the gym mainly for aesthetic reasons, or rather, for body shaping. However, many also go to the gym Good health Or to get rid of the stress accumulated during the day.

Even in the gym, you need to behave correctly, especially learn to use the tools with due attention. Unfortunately still today He leaves a lot of weights lying around After using them: behavior far from appreciative.

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There is nothing more annoying than having to see that there is no weight when you are ready to perform a certain exercise. In fact, not many people put weights, dumbbells, and dumbbells back in their places after using them.

If the gym is small, then the equipment can be found easily, but if it is a very large gym You risk wasting a lot of time Just to gain weight again.

The message of the managers of this gym is very clear

Gym managers don’t get it at all This very superficial and rude attitude This is why they trigger reminders so often to make users understand the importance of putting everything back in place.

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Gym weights –

Popular Instagram page, Milano Segreta, wanted to post the banner hanging from a Milanese gym, Virgin Active. Although reminders are posted in many gyms To remind customers to return the weightswho appeared in this gymnasium quickly went viral.

“Please return the weights after you use them,” he reads Sign in to the gym from Milan – When we find the magical objects that fall into place, we’ll let you know“.

Very funny but also very clear message: put the weights back A form of respect towards other clients and the managers themselves.

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