How does the index regulate rental prices in Catalonia?

How does the index regulate rental prices in Catalonia?

Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Plan, David Lucasintroduced this new Tuesday Rental price indexThis will allow the price increase of thousands of homes to slow down 140 municipalities in Catalonia. This system for Controlling rental rates It will be public from Tuesday, February 27, although you will not enter By force Even today March 13. The Ministry of Housing provided all the details about the components of the new index that you are looking for Stop rising prices of homes in recent years, especially in residential areas that are considered tense.

Below we explain How does the new indicator work? That would allow Regulating rental prices To 140 municipalities in Catalonia, incl Barcelona.

1. What is the Rental Price Index and what does it consist of?

This is the index that will allow Regulating rental prices who are they Residential areas are considered tense By the Spanish government and autonomous region. In Catalonia, the state places 140 municipalities in this scenario. The goal, according to the Housing Ministry, is to be one “Corrective action” to avoid speculative movements With houses.

The index is determined for each property, Minimum price and maximum price: that it The range will vary depending on the characteristics From every floor or house.

2. In which cases does the indicator apply?

  • All floors are new What Join the rental market From March 13 and that they have not been part of it in the last five years.
  • All new contracts for apartments with large tenants Which now has a higher price than the reference country's share.
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What if homes were below the index at the time it came into effect? Properties, whether large or small, will not be able to raise prices. At most, they can Keep the same amount as in the previous contract.

3. What is considered a large carrier?

The Spanish government is considered Great holder Which The natural or legal person who owns 10 or more apartments. However, the state gives the possibility that the autonomous communities will consider anyone who owns more than five houses as a large owner. In case CataloniaThe state confirmed that it would have the largest share One consisting of five or more floors.

4. What is taken into account when determining the price range?

To determine the price range, as the Spanish government explained, it was taken into account Various featuresfor example:

  • Census Department where is she
  • Surface From housing
  • Conservation status Of the property
  • Year of construction
  • House height (Floor on which it is located)
  • if it was Furnished, furnished, furnished
  • If he has elevator
  • If he has carpark
  • Energy certificate
  • If he has Community areas For shared use (eg garden or terrace)
  • If he has Swimming pool Or similar services
  • If he has Reception and guidance services
  • special offer

5. Why is there no fixed price?

Specifies index A Minimum price And one Maximum price. Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Agenda, David Lucas explained why the Spanish government chose this formula: “Not all houses are the same There are features that are excluded from the metrics Thoughtful”, as defined above. On the other hand, he also advocated that this scope allows for the property and the future tenant “Be able to negotiate“.

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Additionally, Lucas cautioned that setting a fixed price would have made the process easierIncrease in poor quality housing“And the proposed ranks seek.”Attention to residential diversity“.

6. What about smallholders?

Assuming that the owner is small You already have an apartment on the rental market At the time of entry into force of the index, if signed New contracts As of March 13, the reference must be the previous, most recent contract. this means The price cannot be increased after the last lease. Of course, the law stipulates that the price can be increased slightly in certain cases, as happened for example Strong rehabilitation renovations The building, or If the contractual term of the lease is increased.

Well, if it is one Small holder Enters First time flat In the rental market after five years, this one It may not exceed the maximum range of the reference index.

7. How often is the rental price index updated?

The Ministry of Housing explained this The rental price index will vary every year. Feeds on Tax data for millions of citizens It is a system provided by the tax authority and is updated annually according to the income statements submitted. This means that the index, which will come into effect on March 13, is built on the basis of income provided during 2023, corresponding to fiscal year 2022.

Minister David Lucas confirms that as soon as the Ministry of Housing receives them Final income statements Corresponding to 2023, The index will be updatedmost likely before the end of the year.

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