Sanchez accelerates budgets and adheres to Junts by publishing data on financial balances

The Spanish government published the first data to calculate financial balances, which It was last announced in 2014. At the moment, the first part is available Official data from the Ministry of Treasury For 2021, income and expenses, broken down by autonomous communities.

they Draft data Which must serve the public mandate, departments and other experts so that they can calculate the difference between what Catalonia contributes to the state in taxes and contributions and what it receives in return for financing public services.

Catalonia had a fiscal deficit 21.982 million euros in 2021, according to calculations of the Ministry of Economy, which is the maximum that can now be confirmed by the publication of official data. Currently, those for 2021 have been published and will be supplemented by the following exercises when they are complete.

Agree with PSOE

The Spanish government published the data after an agreement with Junts and this allows Sanchez Press the accelerator button to approve budgets, which is very much on the right track. The Spanish government wants to present it to the Council of Ministers before the end of March. This means there are two weeks left.

In January, Carles Puigdemont was able to publish these data in exchange for approval of anti-crisis decrees from the Spanish government.

Puigdemont spoke on X – previously Twitter – and celebrated that “accounting of financial balances should be so With open and verifiable data, This will be possible from now on.” According to the former president, the experts will be able to “obtain essential materials to address the controversy surrounding Catalonia’s financial sovereignty.”

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However, in a statement, Together he called for “wisdom” He said he would check whether all the necessary data had been published so he could make the calculations.

“The party and experts will analyze the data in the coming days to conduct relevant checks.”

In January, the Socialist Workers Party specified that access to these figures would allow any public administration or private center to carry out its own deficit calculations, despite the fact that The Treasury will not prepare it directly.

The public denounces that it “brings nothing new”

In the first assessment, the newspaper Generalitat reported that this information “It brings nothing new” According to a statement, what was published is data that was already public, and “the only difference” is that instead of dividing spending by ministries, it does so through investment programs.

The government demands that the state publish “all data”, especially the “territoriality of expenditure” – that is, the territory to which the state allocates each spending program – and again calls for a Private financing model:

“The fact that it is hidden shows, once again, the need for the general government to dispose of and manage the resources generated by citizens and companies in Catalonia.”

To end the financial deficit, and on the proposal of the President of the Republic, Peter AragonesIt is a “single financing” model. Removal of Catalonia from the common system, Which it shares with the rest of the autonomous regions, with the exception of Navarra and the Basque Country.

Currently, the report prepared by the Ministry of Economy with the aim of submitting it to the Spanish government as part of the dialogue table has not yet been submitted.

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Catalonia's fiscal deficit reached €21,982 million in 2021, according to the Economy Ministry (Europa Press/Kike Rincón).

The Spanish government closes the door on “individual financing”

Faced with the publication of the data on Thursday, the ERC sent the issue back to Madrid, specifically to the Senate. There, Republican Senator Sarah Baylak interrogated the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro SanchezIn this regard.

Although the matter is not closed for reforming the financing system, Sanchez said that A must have for all autonomous communities:

“We want to put on the table a new autonomous financing system, and we also want this response to be multilateral because autonomous communities have their own realities.”

The Minister of Finance was more clear Maria Jesus Montero, He mentioned in some of his statements in the corridors that they do not know “exactly what” Aragonés refers to as “individual financing” because they did not give him any suggestion. He stressed that “this government is stubborn in reforming the model that includes all sects within the unified system.”

In response to a question from journalists, she stated that the position of the Spanish government is “known” regarding Catalonia’s ability to collect and manage all income:

“At the moment, each autonomous community under a common system collects ceded taxes and its own taxes, and there is no interest in changing this situation.”

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