New York funeral of young traveler KP Petito

New York | Relatives and family of young American traveler KP Petito, who went missing in the United States and the brutal death caused great emotion in the United States, gathered for his funeral near New York on Sunday and broadcast it live on the Internet. .

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The search for the 22-year-old young woman’s ex-boyfriend continued in parallel, with Brian Laundry fleeing without explaining himself in the last days of the New Yorker. The couple traveled in a converted van through the vast national parks in the western US, describing their journey through photos and videos on Instagram and YouTube.

From this he came alone Road travel10 days before the teen’s family announced she was missing. The body of KP Petito was found in the jungles of Wyoming on September 19, before police say she was the victim of a murder.



An arrest warrant was issued Thursday by U.S. Federal Police against Brian Laundry, 23, who was charged with fraud using a debit card.

A blank slate was used for Coffee Petito’s funeral, according to Fox 35, where FBI investigators have not yet released the remains to his family.


Opening a ceremony Sunday in Holbrook, Long Island, near New York City, KP Petito’s father asked viewers and Americans not to grieve over his daughter’s death, but to be motivated by his short life, but full of adventures.

“When you leave here today, be impressed by what she has given us – because this woman’s name is now known around the world,” said Joe Petito, “I can not be proud to be a Cuban”, with bouquets and large photos of the young woman.



The NBC says the funeral, which is responsible for the funeral, has strengthened the security system with more police security and private agents to respect the privacy of relatives of the deceased.

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