Have you thought about whether your energy costs are too high?

Have you thought about whether your energy costs are too high?

sDo you save 5%, 10% or even 20% on your energy bills? the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of TerrassaHe will advise you and provide you with personalized treatment, if he can save part of the electrical energy expenses. “There are marketing companies that will do a preliminary study for you, but then, in the contract and the first invoice, this savings will not appear. Here in the room, if you have a doubt or concern, you do not have a phone number that starts with 902. There are two interlocutors: the room and the marketer, who We have had an agreement with him since 2017.”he explains Felix Arbelohead of consulting at the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce and environmental expert.

The Chamber found that there are companies that have electricity and gas contracts at a fixed price, but for a period of more than one year. This practice by some energy marketers is usually not favorable to companies and often includes provisions for price revisions based on market developments. The goal of these contracts of two years or more is to retain customer portfolios without necessarily meaning savings for companies in the long term. There is no such thing as a complete guarantee.

Where did we come from?

Since 2009, companies with contracted electricity capacity greater than 10 kW or annual gas consumption equal to or greater than 50,000 kWh must contract their energy supply on the free market.

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Faced with this scenario, ten years ago now, the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell was one of the first state chambers to implement the first online energy tender, through the shopwhere interested marketers participated in an auction, with the aim of offering the best prices to all companies in the territory – in this first edition savings of 20% on average below the market price were achieved for 100 companies and electrical contracts worth one and a half million euros were managed -: “We have Our model has continuously evolved, to the point of launching four tenders, one per year, until 2017. We have leveraged our strength, as a chamber, to go to the free market, offering a certain volume of contracts to attract commercial companies, thus making a very competitive offer to companies,” says Arbelo. Who remembers in the same context that “A large percentage of companies have renewed their confidence in the Chamber of Commerce year after year.”.

What should I do?

If you are a businessman from the demarcation of the Chambers of Sabadell and Terrassa, and you want to know whether, with the approval of the entities' marketing company, they can give you a more revised price, all you have to do is submit the latest invoice. The rest are responsible for the rooms: “Let's do the math, with what they give you and what we can offer. If there's no savings, or anything strange in the bill, we sit down next year and see if circumstances have changed.“, explains the head of consulting at the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce.

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From the first tender, the entity headed by Ramon Alberich Managed over 2000 contracts. Annually, more than a hundred companies place themselves in the hands of the Chamber in order to contract energy for their economic activity, a volume equivalent to all the energy consumed by Baricentro in a calendar year.

In this line, Felix Arbelo invites the businessmen of the territory to spend five minutes looking at the invoices, because, as he realizes “It's very sad when we have a company that can save 5%, 10% or 15%, which is a huge saving for small businesses, and today there is still mistrust or misinformation.”Regret.

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