How do they get into you and steal everything – Libero Quotidiano

Our cars are targeted by hackers. explain it Marco Camisani Calzularia high-tech expert from stripping news Which invites viewers and followers to pay attention who can also control all four wheels from the outside. More and more connectivity, with advanced features like Implementation With it it is possible to control the temperature from the outside, the air conditioning, the heating, the opening of the doors, the stereo. Even the most advanced electrical machines, where every aspect of it is connected. “A hacker was able to remotely control, at the same time, even 20 cars In 10 different countries, I was able to check the headlights and stereo, and see if the driver was driving.

The hacker can read the home address from the browser, ON or OFF Remote vehicle, changing tire pressure reading, disabling brakes, forcing vehicle to accelerate. Or less serious but equally annoying things: changing a song we were listening to, turning on the windshield wipers, turning on the air conditioner in the winter or heating in the summer.

“How do we defend ourselves? Unfortunately, car manufacturers have to do this. In the meantime, disable wi-fi When not needed, if provided by the form. or not programmed Home Address In the navigator, do not browse unknown addresses on the browser provided by the car and go to trusted workshops, because sometimes it is they who pass the car data to hackers. Among other things, the first is also spreading ransomwareViruses that hinder the car and only start it by paying a ransom first.

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