New feature in WhatsApp: Secret chats, but it’s not for everyone | Find out how

New feature in WhatsApp: Secret chats, but it’s not for everyone |  Find out how

No one can do without a mobile phone because, for various reasons, it is necessary to communicate with the world in real time. One of the most used apps for sure is The WhatsApp. Only those who have a specific operating system can choose the so-called secret chats. This is what we’re talking about.

The WhatsApp It is a free instant messaging and VoIP service. It allows you to connect with people who are also on the other side of the world. It works on mobile devices, but also on computers. To register you need to enter your mobile phone number and that’s it.

The WhatsApp Founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koumformer employees of Hey ho!. It was com’s idea to present The WhatsApp mobile app. As of 2015, they are known to be the most popular in the world. Voice calls have also been introduced. In the same year, links were created for another messaging service: cable (Non-clickable and non-copyable).

Launched in 2018or WhatsApp for business Small businesses then introduced group video and audio calling capabilities. In 2019, it was announced as the third most downloaded mobile app of the decade 2010-2019. This time I announced the introduction of a new option, i.e. hide users’ online status. There are still changes made today. Example? The so-called secret conversations.

Here’s who can create a secret chat

In short, today it is possible to leave groups without noticing it or it is possible to restore deleted chats. You can also send a text message incognito, and this can be a distortion of the positive and negative sides. Practically speaking, you can chat without showing your number, but that can be a problem for those on the other side. However, not everyone can access these functions.

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It is necessary to have an Android operating system. Thus, those who do not have it will have to wait. You need to create an invisible profile, create a group in the address book section, and set a new name. Then you create a list of contacts from which you want to hide your online status. How do you do? go to the Settings and select the option Display contacts and select adjust or adapt.

Secret WhatsApp Chats -
Secret WhatsApp Chats –

Blacklist of unwanted contacts

Then we will need to select the contacts we want to display The people we don’t want to see will be blacklisted. Once you have chosen the names, you will have to click on them “Progressing”. To summarize: In a group, there may be members who can see our contact status while others can’t because of our selection.

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