This NiPoGi is at -31%

This NiPoGi is at -31%

More and more users choose mode Small computer This is certainly not a coincidence. In recent years, the miniaturization of hardware components has made it possible to reduce the size of devices without any negative impact on performance: in short, it is convenient on all fronts. It’s cheaper on offers like this 31% discount on list price Provided by Amazon today on the form Nebuji AK1 Plus. Suitable for study (perfect for back to school) and work, and can be purchased at a price The price is really negligible. Let’s review its strengths.

NiPoGi AK1 Plus demo: Everything on your Mini PC

So that’s what they are Technical Specifications Built into its compact, stylish chassis: 12th Gen Intel N95 processor with Alder Lake architecture, Intel UHD Graphics, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB M.2 SSD for data storage (expandable up to 2TB), and Wi-Fi Fi and Bluetooth modules for wireless connectivity, two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, dual HDMI video output for simultaneous connection to two displays with support for 4K resolution, Ethernet slot and audio jack. On the software side, the pre-installed operating system is Windows 11 Pro Officially licensed by Microsoft to receive new features and updates released in a timely manner. To learn more, see Full description.

Finally, added values: the package includes an HDMI cable, VESA support for those who want to mount it behind the monitor, power supply and user manual. to Final price is only 199 eurosthanks for the 31% discount The NiPoGi AK1 Plus is being offered today automatically by Amazon, and in the description just described it is a bargain to be exploited.

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You can count on immediate availability and free shipping Delivered to your home within 24 hours: choose that Place your order immediately, the Mini PC will arrive directly to your home by tomorrow without any additional expenses. There are no coupons to activate or codes to enter, everything is ready to use Put it in the cart.

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