“It’s not my game anymore”

Alex Bailey Pack your bags and leave Italy to an exotic destination. “It’s not my game anymore,” he tweeted after being sent off last night with harsh words from Alfonso Signorini. To make the conductor lose his nerve GF VIP Billy’s lack of clarity in talking about his relationship with him Soleil riseEven in front of his wife Delia Duran.

Alex Pelley: “Farewell, Italy”

“Game over. I go back to my creative factory, where I live with spirits where we don’t need to name ourselves, identify ourselves, or define ourselves…”, with these words Alex Bailey announces his departure on Twitter. “Farewell Italy,” he wrote, posting a photo of the plane in flight. , directing “in that magical world for which we have struggled so much is called the freedom of expression of life.”

What is the destination of your journey in search of freedom? Billy will be in Sharm El-Sheikh, but, as is typical of his TV character, he has once again chosen to play in obscurity and hashtags in his Instagram stories “In the middle of nowhere,” literally “in the middle of nowhere.”

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Alex Bailey was kicked out of Gf Vip . studio

Pushing Alex Belli to leave Italy to take a break from the controversy was definitely the unpleasant episode the protagonist saw during the last episode of the reality show. In fact, Billy was fired by Signorini during the live broadcast and forced to leave the studio. Signorini added, “Working with you tonight is impossible to leave the studio,” then again: “Authors please fire him, I can’t work so we live, I refuse to work, so please get out, get out. Go bark somewhere else.

The actor’s love letter to his wife Delia Doran, now a contestant on the reality show, who entered the house to find her “answers” about the crisis with her husband, ignited Studio Mediaset. Beautiful influencer Soleil Sorge, whom Alex said he was “in love with” during the final episode, upset their balance as a couple.

But not only the escape from emotional events, but certainly behind the actor’s journey into the unknown, there are also work-related reasons. Bailey himself refers in his stories to the agency he founded. After all, I had declared it himself: “I left home for Delia and for my job.” What is the boundary for him between emotional and action dynamics will remain, at least for the time being, a mystery.

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