Sony focuses on electric vehicles with Sony Mobility technology and unveils the Vision-S 02 SUV

Sony focuses on electric vehicles with Sony Mobility technology and unveils the Vision-S 02 SUV

CES 2020, Sony amaze everyone Bringing Vision-S to debut, a electric car concept. Despite initially speculation that the company wanted to enter the electric car segment, Sony later specified that the vehicle would not be mass-produced and that It will only serve as a test case For everyone number of techniques It was directly developed that may one day be present in self-driving vehicles.

Apparently, however, there is some interesting news. actually, To CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Sony brought another electric car, which is The SUV version of the Vision-S, nickname “Vision-S 02“.More interesting, however, is that Sony decided to create a new company.”Navigation from Sony” through which “It intends to explore entering the electric car market“.

Soon we will understand whether in the future we will really be able to drive electric cars of the Sony brand, but it is clear that the company is planning something very interesting. When Sony unveiled the Vision-S at CES 2020, it said it stood up Working with Magna to develop the car. Will Magna participate in the new Sony Mobility? It would be interesting to find out. Sony Mobility will be officially established in the spring. At this point, more details about the project will certainly be shared.

As for the new SUV, Sony briefly talked about some of its features, focusing in particular on the technologies at its disposal. This new model is clearly based on the sedan introduced in 2020. It has slightly larger dimensions and is able, depending on the interior configuration, to Offers up to 7 seats. The powertrain is the same as that used in a sedan.

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so we have two electric motors Able to provide a power of 200 kW each. The interiors feature a large dashboard containing instrument screens, an infotainment screen and one for the front passenger. Two additional screens are available for those sitting in the back. It is also clear that there is no shortage of advanced assisted driving solutions thanks to the presence of 40 sensors split between cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and LiDAR.

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