GTA 6 may be delayed until 2026, Rockstar Games is having problems with a report

GTA 6 may be delayed until 2026, Rockstar Games is having problems with a report

GTA 6 It is scheduled for 2025 but Rockstar Games fears the game will be affected Delay And it should be It has been postponed to 2026. That's what Kotaku says in a new report.

According to the newspaper's sources, Rockstar Games' goal was to publish GTA 6 by the beginning of 2025, at least in the beginning. However, it seems that development is not progressing as quickly as the company had hoped The release date is not confirmed at allwith a delay of up to a year.

All of this also explains why Rockstar Games recently announced that it wants all developers to return to working in the office, abandoning the remote work that is necessary for many employees. Part of the reasoning behind this decision is related to the desire to ensure the quality of the game and increase the security of the information that developers have access to, but the other part is also related to speeding up the development process.

there Rockstar Games leadershipAccording to Kotaku's sources, he is nervous about missing 2025 and having to postpone the game to 2026.

Possible GTA 6 release dates

Kotaku says so for now Postponement to 2026 is not certain And that Rockstar Games still wants to publish GTA 6 in the spring of 2025. Meanwhile, according to sources, it does not seem a reliable release period and the fall of 2025 seems more likely. For now, 2026 is a “contingency plan” in case problems pile up beyond expectations.

Finally, it is reported that the next GTA 6 trailer will not report any kind of delay, also because Rockstar Games is ready to make changes even at the last second.

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