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Meanwhile, the top: sales and prices are still growing between them brira (from 9400 to 11500 euros per square meter), old town (from 6500 to 7550 euros per square meter for used things, up to 9050 euros for new and renovated homes) and purple (from 8,050 to 9,600 euros). Analysis: “They remain among the most dynamic neighborhoods.” Prices in the regions are stable Palestro – Douz and the Fashion District. Let’s see them. Porta Venezia Offered for sale at 7300 – 8250 euros per square meter for used cars and 8800-10300 euros per square metre for new/refurbished vehicles. Montenapoleone And the surroundings always sail in very high numbers (10800-13.700 euros per square meter) which is not always good for the seller or the buyer: “Due to the higher asking prices, this area still has a greater distance between the expectations of owners and the sentiments of potential buyers”, say analysts at Centro Studi Gabetti. Translator: Long selling times, undying market.

real estate trend

In surveys conducted by the Gabeti Studies Office – through the agencies of Gabetti, Professionalcasa and Grimaldi – Milan continues to show positive signs for the residential market. The hypothesis in the latest revenue agency publication (first half of 2021): transactions amounted to 13,275, a growth of 31% compared to 2020. Hence the analysis of Gabetti: “Price variance was +2.7% compared to the second half of 2020.” Average selling time: Three months. Discounts at the end of the deal: 9%.

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What the buyer is looking for: center and semi-center

Let’s start with those with “medium to high economic resources”: always pay attention to central and semi-central areas. In order: Porta Romana, Navigli, Bocconi, Indipendenza, Sempione, Fiera and Pagano. Let’s get into the details and take a look at the price list. independencePrices: around €5,300 per square meter for used cars in good condition (€6000 for elegance and €6,500 for premium condition). Lodi – Porta Romana: from 4100 to 4500 euros. March 22nd District – Cadore: 4,000 euros per square meter for used cars in good condition and 5,000 euros for high-quality solutions. The TicinoGabetti reports, “I have recorded increasing values ​​for a luxury home in perfect condition: €6,200 per square meter from the highest peak (4800-5,500 euros for the lowest). Area Bocconi: 3.850 – 4.650 euros per square metre. San Gottardo – Tabacchi and NavigliThe seconds hand averages €3,800-4,200 per square metre, while the elegant hand is €4,500-5,500 per square metre, if the user is in good condition, and €5,500 per square metre, if it is in perfect condition. Solari – Tortona: The second hand in good condition goes away at 4600 euros per square meter (but there is also something for 4000). Pagano “Confirms its attractiveness to the target with good availability”: prices are in the range of 6000-7500 euros per square metre. Vieira – Amendola – De Angeli: 5.100-6,450 euros. city ​​life It far exceeds this limit “in the case of new buildings, which are equipped with excellent energy standards and, in general, for high-quality solutions”. Lower prices, but still growing, in Portillo – Fierra Region: 3.900-4.600 euros.

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From Simplon to the island in Baires

in the area Simplon – Arch of PeaceWhere Gabetti discovered a “slight price hike”, we are between €5,500 (property average) – and €7,350 per square meter (excellent condition). The values ​​in the region are stable Lausanne – Senecio – Procaccini: 4000-5 thousand euros. Beyond the memorial, here The island: From 4800 euros per square meter up to 6300. Area Garibaldi It is sold in the window 6000-7500 euros. “Values ​​are increasing in the region Buenos Aires Venezia»: “At between 5,000 and 5,500 euros per square meter for good condition with a medium and elegant rating, while excellent condition is priced between 5,500 and 6,500 euros per square metre.” eastward Buenos Aires – Loreto: between 4250 and 5250 euros.

oceanic regions

“We are faced here with somewhat different situations in terms of demand, market dynamics and prices,” says Gabetti’s report. We start from the northwest, Certosa-Vilapizone: Values ​​range between 1400 and 2100 euros per square metre. north, Dergano: 1700-2500 euros. Stable prices for the regions Zadar – Istria (2100-2500 euros) e Farine (2.800 – 3.750 euros). Niguarda and Avori They reached the peaks of 2,700 euros. Viale Monza – Bricuto – GorlaPrices: between 1900 and 2450 euros per square metre. growing area Toro: between 2,300 and 3,000 euros per square meter for a used car in good condition. “Price is on the rise for NoLo: €2,700-3370” for “solutions in good condition”. in the area Lambro – Simiano Park Prices are in the range of 3000 – 3200 euros per square metre. lambrat up to 4000 euros per square metre. city ​​studies It is on the market at an average of 3,500 euros per square meter (but it goes up to almost 5,000 for the most luxurious apartments). Corsica region: 3,450 – 4,100 euros.

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South and West Sector

The area is growing slightly Barona – FamagustaAverage: €2,400 per square meter for a used vehicle in good condition. Lodi – Corvito: between 1,500 and 2,100 euros per square metre. in a Ripamonte region It can be purchased for 2300-3200 euros. In the western suburbs, values black gangs: 2700 – 3950 euros per square metre. to me Laurentgio We are about 2000 euros per square meter for economy in good condition and about 2,700 euros per square meter for medium solutions. in the area San Siro There are values ​​between 3250 and 4500 euros. But we are not talking about player villas, those on another planet.

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