Who are the new competitors?

A new week for Big Brother Vip 6 competitors begins, full of news and twists. Tonight, Monday, November 15, 2021, a new episode will be broadcast during which Alfonso will be able to inform Vippos of the decision to extend the reality show until March 2022; In addition, new entrances are planned in the most spied on homes in Italy which we are sure will not bring very little fanfare. What will happen?

Well, yes, five new VIPs could soon enter Italy’s most spied on home. The indiscretion has leaked in the past few hours since TV Blog And the influencer Dianera Marzano Accordingly, some well-known faces in the entertainment world are about to set their feet GF VIP 6; Who is this?

GF Vip: New competitors are coming

IM- Natalie Caldonazzo

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Sixth edition of big brother vip Rich in new ones VIP that they will soon enter the most spy-house of Italy ready to upset the already fragile balance that has been established between the existing rivals; will be the actress Patrizia Pellegrino, Showgirl Nathalie Caldonazzo, From the previous tronista Giulio Raselli, men and women, from sobrette Valeria Marini And the actress Maria Monet.

but if Patrizia, Natalie and Julio This is the first experience in a reality show that he hosts Alfonso Signorini, The same cannot be said about Valeria and Maria The Marine In fact he is on his third post while l Monsignor This is Al’s second experience Big Brother Vip.

Patrizia and Natalie However, she is not new to reality shows as they both participated inFamous Island straight in 2004 In the 2017; Instead, the previous tronista’s letter is different, and it’s completely new to this type of software.
Finally, nothing to do for spadista Antonella Fiordelici Who should have entered these days.

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Prolonging the end of the reality show

Tire - aristocracy - pilgrim

Another important news we do not know if Alfonso SignorenI will decide to connect it to the competitors who are already live this evening Monday 15 November 2021, is that this edition of GF VIP It will not end as planned in December but in March 2022.

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So the reality show has been extended for a few months and Vippos, as mentioned above, is completely unaware of it; How will they react when he reaches them?

According to some rumors, they were unable to accept the extension and thus gave up on the reality show Francesca Cipriani, Carmen Russo, Manila Nazarote NS Mirjana Trevisan who prefers to spend Christmas in the family; Sulley Sorge and Alex BellI, on the other hand, are among the competitors who may decide to stay to the end, provided they are not first eliminated by the public at home. we will see.

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