Weak European stock markets, recession and Ukraine – the economy takes a toll

Weak European stock markets, recession and Ukraine – the economy takes a toll

The main European stock exchanges, with the exception of Frankfurt (+0.01% at 12,274 points), closed practically unchanged. Paris lost 0.45 percent to 5,840 points, London 0.43 percent to 6,961 points, and Madrid 0.3 percent to 7,414 points. Piazza Afari closed above the level at 0.06% Session largely spent in negative territory With rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine and the specter of recession prevailing across Europe. Among the exchanges weak for 1.5 billion euros in trading volume, due to the Tokyo holiday closure, the Ftse Mib index rose 0.06% to 20,912 points. The decisive factor in the return was the recklessness over the possible approval of the Berlin government Issuance of Eurobonds to counter the energy crisis in Europe.

The spread between BTPs and German Bunds responded immediately, dropping to 228.4 points, compared to 253 at the opening, A drop of 7.4 points to 4.615% of the Italian annual yield, compared to an increase of 14.3 points to 2.9% for the German yield. Strong buying on Buzzi Unicem (+2.47%), following a jump in commodity stocks across Europe. Utilities Bank Hera (+2.42%), Banco Bank (+1.88%) and UniCredit (+1.76%) also performed well. More caution Bper (+0.65%), Intesa (+0.12%), and negative Mps (-1.32%), on the eve of the Board meeting on a 2.5 billion euro capital increase. Under stress Saipem (-4.21%), Tim (-2.99%), Tenaris (-2.9%) and Stm ((-1.92%) are also minus signs for Prysmian (-1.41%), Amplifon (-1.17%) and Moncler (-1.08%) Dipoli Campari (-1.03%), Ferrari (-1%), Stellantes (-0.94%), Atlantia (-0.62% to €22.51), below the set price of €23. The takeover offer from Schema Alfa (65% Edition and 35% Blackstone) that started today and will end on November 11.

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Natural Gas shuts down on Ttf in Amsterdam. November futures lost 1.34% to €154.12 per megawatt-hour.

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