Musk and texts to fight with Twitter CEO Agrawal: «What have you been up to this week? There’s no point in talking to you.”

Musk and texts to fight with Twitter CEO Agrawal: «What have you been up to this week?  There’s no point in talking to you.”

Messages spread between Tesla founder and Twitter CEO: from early hours understanding to tweet (from Musk) speeding relationships, to final breakup

New York – Elon Musk: “I have a lot of ideas, but let me know if I’m pushing too hard. I just want Twitter to be extraordinary.”

Parag AgrawalTwitter CEO: “Can’t wait to hear from them. I’ll tell you which one can work best.
Musk: “Great. I would like to better understand how some of the technical aspects of Twitter work. I have been writing software for twenty years, and I interact better with engineers who do programming work than with program managers, who have an MBA.”
Agrawal: “Sure, next time we speak, treat me as an engineer and not as a CEO.”
Musk: Honestly, I hate administrative duties, and I think no one should be anyone’s boss. I love solving technical problems for product design.”
Agrawal: “Wonderful, see you tomorrow.”

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and the April 7 Finally, Musk, who gradually bought 9% of Twitter’s market share, agreed to join the company’s board of directors.

We know how it will end: harmony will soon break off, Musk turns into hostile control$44 billion to control Twitter. The company first barricades to refuse to hold, then accepts the offer. But at that point, with markets plummeting and tech companies losing a quarter to a third of their value, Tesla founder no longer wants to buy Twitter: He claims that his offer is no longer valid because the company gave him an incorrect picture of his situation, particularly regarding the number of fake accounts, which are frequently underestimated. Twitter judges Musk’s objections unfounded, confirms offer acceptance and asks court The richest man in the world is obliged to honor his commitment.

In two weeks, on October 17, it will begin in front of the Delaware Court The process that will have to solve the case.

The information known so far about the case is now being added, especially the posts on Twitter The private messages exchanged by the heroes of the story in those hot days And that Musk’s lawyers, ignoring the opponent’s objections, decided to attach their court documents.

The tipping point has reached Less than 48 hours later, the 7th of April ended with hugs and kisses.

Musk publishes on Twitter the list of the 10 people with the most followers on the social network, from Obama to Musk himself through Justin Bieber and Cristiano Ronaldo, and notes that the activity on these accounts is very limited, few new posts, and wonders. : “Is Twitter dying?”

It’s April 9th ​​and a few hours later Agarwal responds Musk, who is famous for not like being told what to do and what not to do: “You are free to ask yourself if Twitter is dying but it’s my responsibility to tell you it’s not helping. Next time we talk, I’ll give you a picture of how this is causing internal confusion and harming our work.” He then hopes, in the meantime, to be convinced, thanks to the intervention of other Twitter personalities, of its value. “But we’re not there yet,” he concludes.

A minute passes, and the musk replies dry:But what did you do well this week? I won’t be joining the Twitter board – time wasted. I will make an offer to take control of the company.”

The end of the stalemate with Agrawal that Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and big sponsor of Musk’s entry into the company to revitalize it, presented him as a great engineer.

In the following days, President Brett Taylor and Dorsey himself would attempt to reform, but to no avail. Musk is convinced that the CEO is a slave to Twitter employees, unable to take decisive turns. Dorsey arranges a meeting between the two that does not end well and Musk writes to Dorsey: “You and I agree on the truth: Agrawal is very slow and tries to woo people who will always be unhappy no matter what he does.” You can’t work together.”

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