Bills and gas prices come down: savings of up to 1,200 euros for families

Bills and gas prices come down: savings of up to 1,200 euros for families

From 140 to 24.8 euros. This is the trend path in gas prices, with MWh as a quote back to October 2021 levels, with the war between Russia and Ukraine still far away. Obviously, the news does not please Moscow at all, but it makes families and businesses happy, as well as governments, which had to support the increases with the help of bills. And Repubblica calculates the savings to come: “If the current trend continues, lower costs for the average Italian family could be between 800 and 1,200 euros in 2023, according to some operators’ calculations, with both electricity expenses and gas bills combined.”

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The lower cost of your bills will depend on the overall economic situation and how cold the coming winter will be. Meanwhile, on June 4, Arrera will set the new tariff for raw materials, showing how much it will pay in May, with figures far from those for 2022: “Electricity increased by 109.5% last year, with an additional cost of 58.9 billion, gas increased by 126.4%, with an additional cost of 32.6 billion, according to calculations reported by the newspaper.

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