House of Commons strategy to win votes away from Barcelona

House of Commons strategy to win votes away from Barcelona

The parties set the timer to zero to begin the election campaign 12-M, which begins at midnight this Thursday, at 00.00 on Friday. the Catalonia Parliament elections He will work out whether Independence is able to retain an absolute majority in the Council, whether Puigdemont's influence is sufficient for Juntes to seize Independence's leadership in the ERC or if he is the SPC candidate, Salvador EllaFinally he achieved a victory sufficient to bring him closer to the Palau de la Generalitat. Who also plays them Commonwho consider that they are in an upward trend and want to unify Barcelona and Tarragona, and expand into Girona, where they present the former advisor to the Barcelona City Council. Eloy Badia. For the first time since 2015, Jessica Albiach won't get a letter from the mayorThere is a cola Oddly enough, this did not happen with Colao herself. But this absence will only be for the first few days, while the former mayor is among the crew of the Freedom Flotilla, the ship that will sail from Turkey to bring food and medicine to Palestine.

Since Alpiac's candidacy, they have realized that Ada Colau is the asset of the House of Commons that “mobilizes” its voters, which is why they stress that they will make her “make up for lost time” when she returns and joins the team's campaign. Colau has certainly become a vital asset to the aspirations of the political space that has a voter base in the capital region. It was like that with him PSUC Then with Local added value, although the various experts consulted by El Món on the occasion of 12-M remember that the ICV was neither the PSUC nor the House of Commons was now just the ICV. But regardless of the nuances, what is clear is this These parties have always scratched their vote majority more in urban areas than in rural areas. To cite just one example, perhaps the most obvious: twenty of the 25 seats won by the PSUSP in the first democratic elections – the best result in this area – come from the demarcation of Barcelona's borders.

Jessica Alpiac and Ernest Urtasun (third in line) will take center stage in the first days of the campaign in Colau's absence | common

Urban party

Taking into account the last parliamentary election, the 2021 election, the House of Commons only gets representation through it Barcelona I Tarragona: 8 deputies for Barcelona; Only one for Tarragona. Nothing for Lleida, a region that has cost them more than ever before historically, and nothing for Girona. In Barcelona's nomination, Jessica Albiach received 7.76% of the votes. In Tarragona, they received 4.92%, but were behind Cs, CUP and Vox. It is a similar situation to what happened in Girona, where they received only 4.05% of the votes, surpassing the Cs by only 2,000 votes. In Lleida, the “enemy” area, the proportion of the Albič group fell to 3.22%, outperforming in votes even the People’s Party and the Democratic People’s Party, which did not even enter parliament in any demarcation of boundaries.

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What's more, if we close the picture, the urban power of the House of Commons becomes even more apparent. a Barcelona, The country's capital, the city brings together 22% of Catalan citizens Jessica Albiach received 9.32% of the votesThis is the highest number in all of Catalonia. But the farther away we are from Barcelona, ​​the worse the results will be. In Sant Feliu, Villafranca or Terrassa, they get between 7.5 and 9.1% of the votes. In Mataro and Granollers, they have already reached 6.78% of support and have fallen from fourth place to fifth and sixth place. In other regional capitals demarcating Barcelona's borders away from the capital, such as Manresa, Igualada or Moya, support does not reach 5% of the vote, and in Vic it drops to 3.39%.

Jessica Albiach, Member of the House of Commons Somar | common

Its halls, in the demarcation of Barcelona's borders

The House of Commons, as also other municipal powers such as the CUP, is gaining weight in the municipalities. However, Barcelona's influence is also evident in this case. the past 28-MThe elections in which Ada Colao lost the mayorship of Barcelona, Commons are imposed in five municipalities, all in the metropolitan area or in ValisosHe managed to retain the position of mayor of three cities. Ilprat de Llobregat is the main stronghold they hold, with the support of 32% of voters. With 9 council members, they constitute the main force of the municipality, apart from the 6 of the PSC and 3 of the ERC, who are the direct pursuers. They also hold the position of mayor in one city each in Valles, Santa Perpetua de Mogoda and Montornes del Valles. In these municipalities, they obtained 34.44% and 31.14% of the votes, and 10 and 7 members, respectively.

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The House of Commons also won two other municipalities in Valles. In Castelpisbal they are being introduced under the umbrella of the municipal brand Alternativa, but a group of two local parties and the European Reform Party have blocked their way. In Santa María de Martorell, a municipality with a population of no more than a thousand, they received almost 40% of the vote, but do not govern due to a later agreement between FEM – the municipal party – and the ERC. In short, all the municipalities that the House of Commons was able to control in the 28-M area outside the metropolitan area are located within the boundaries of Barcelona: in Pécs Llobregat, in Valles Oriental and in Occidental.

Eloy Badia, former Barcelona advisor, is Girona's number one | common

Tarragona and Girona, the new goals

The few results the training is achieving in the rest of the region make it difficult to think of an achievement similar to what Ada Colau achieved in Barcelona. Naturally, the House of Commons and its political sphere combat the small regional heft with a stable institution in the metropolitan area, which has allowed it to influence, in the now prehistoric legislatures, of some Catalan governments. In fact, Juan Saura (ICV) succeeded in becoming Minister of the Interior, Institutional Relations and Participation in 2006 with only one MP for Girona and one for Tarragona, which is precisely what Albiach is now seeking. The House of Commons considers the results in Barcelona to be uniform and sees it appropriate to launch a campaign as they want to walk on a lot of territory outside the country's capital. They will take the bus to start the campaign in Reus – Thursday – and Girona – Friday, and conclude it in Blanes and Cornella. As for the Lleida region, it is another story, and it is an almost impossible story for the House of Commons.

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With goal setting, What do the polls say? Those who came out during the primary campaign did not end up with a clear result in the Pikes camp. According to some opinion polls, the House of Commons will re-pass the resolution Tarragona headquartersBut there are also polls where they lose. It's completely different from case to case Girona border demarcation, a region historically dominated by the Convergència and which now leads – in the city council of the demarcated capital – the CUP, in alliance with the Junts and the ERC. At the moment, the polls are not in their favor, but party sources say they have noticed a “certain fatigue” in the region and suggest that Girona has become a “key” to confirming the “upward trend” of the House of Commons. The latest poll published by the newspaper Country On Saint Jordi's Day, it is expected that 8% of CUP votes will go to the House of Commons on 12-M. This is a fact that could explain the ambitions of an electoral coalition that secretly combines the word “wisdom” with the illusion of recovering the small – very small – piece of the pie that its predecessors achieved in their best times. From Barcelona.

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