Missiles on Lviv, Russian forces in Mariupol and the United States are preparing for the worst scenario

Missiles on Lviv, Russian forces in Mariupol and the United States are preparing for the worst scenario

The Russian bear stretched its claws all the way to Lviv. On the 23rd day of the invasion, Putin’s army missiles hit the airport of the western city very close to the center hosting the few foreign delegations that remained in Ukraine, including the Italian one. Kyiv was also subjected to new bombardment in residential areas and on the southern front, Russian troops broke through Mariupol and broke through the city. In short, while negotiations continue, there is no sign of de-escalation on the ground, on the contrary: the United States is preparing for the worst-case scenario, namely, the use of the nuclear threat by Moscow if the war continues for a long time. time.

The sirens sounded in Lviv in the early hours of the morning. Immediately after the warning, three powerful explosions occurred in the civil airport area, southwest of the city. The local authorities confirmed the attack: six missiles, two of which were intercepted by anti-aircraft, hit an aircraft repair factory near the civilian airport. It is not clear if this was the goal of the Russians, and no deaths were reported, but the facility was located less than a kilometer from a residential area and six from the city center. Until now, the Russians had only struck neighboring regions, touching the borders of Poland, and then the borders of the European Union and NATO.

The siege continues in Kyiv. New bombings in the Podolsk district, north of the center, It hit six homes, a kindergarten and a school. Resulting in the death of one person and the injury of 19 others, including 4 children, Mayor Vitali Klitschko, who showed pictures of destroyed buildings, denounced. Another missile hit the city. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense found that maneuvers to encircle the capital are continuing, and stated that the Russians want to bring in reinforcement forces from the central and eastern regions. A significant advance of the army was reported in Mariupol. And the occupation forces, after three weeks of missile launches and raids, managed to enter the city with the support of the Donbass separatist militia, and demanded that the Ukrainians surrender in exchange for wasting their lives. The mayor of this ghost place confirmed that “the battles between tanks and machine guns reached the center and everyone was hiding in bunkers”, where “more than 80% of residential buildings were damaged or destroyed.” For the exhausted population of 300,000, there was not even a moment to celebrate the miracle of the theater shelter, as all the displaced seem unharmed after the bombing of recent days.

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In addition to Mariupol, Mykolaiv is Moscow’s second target on the Black Sea To lengthen the regional strip that starts from the Crimea across the Donbass. A new heavy rocket attack on some barracks in the suburbs caused a massacre: at least 45 killed. The bombed structures were used to train soldiers who had so far been able to repel Russian attempts to take over the city. The Southern Front is confirmed as one of the most dangerous front even for those trying to narrate this war. Ukrainian journalist Victoria Roshina disappeared six days ago in Berdyansk, 80 kilometers from Mariupol. According to her announcer, Hromadske TV, she is “held” by the Russian services of the FSB.
The difficulties of the Russian advance, according to British intelligence, underscore the logistical problems of Putin’s army. According to London, the ongoing Ukrainian counterattacks “are forcing Russia to hijack large numbers of troops to defend supply lines, thus limiting its offensive capacity.” So much so that the Kyiv government went so far as to bet that the war would end in “2-3 weeks, with the defeat of Russia”. For the United States, on the other hand, weakening the invaders could have dire consequences. If the war continues, Moscow’s “conventional curtailment of power,” 007 of the Pentagon believes it “probably” the answer is “gradual reliance on its nuclear deterrent, to project strength internally and externally.”


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