Biden declares a state of natural disaster

Biden declares a state of natural disaster

The number of deaths from tornadoes that struck the United States, mainly in the Midwest and South, rose to 25. Biden declared a state of natural disaster in Arkansas.

Little Rock, Arkansas, was destroyed by a tornado

It is intended to increase the budget victims affiliate tornado who fell in United StateEspecially in the Midwest and South, they are at least for now 25 dead It has been verified but the authorities are talking about provisional numbers. Tornadoes, confirmed or suspected, have struck 11 states destroying homes and businesses, felling trees and destroying neighborhoods.

Relief efforts continue unabated, but some small towns have been almost completely flattened and according to the National Weather Service, it will take days to reach all affected areas. The mayor of Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, one of the hardest-hit cities, said more than 2,100 homes and businesses were damaged in the city, but the full extent of damage was still being assessed.

Hurricane damage in Arkansas

Hurricane damage in Arkansas

Tornadoes tore roofs and demolished walls from many buildings, overturned vehicles, uprooted trees, and destroyed power lines in Little Rock and large areas east and northeast of the capital. Specifically for the state of Arkansas, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, today declared a state of “Major Natural Disaster”, requesting federal assistance.

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The federal funding is for Cross, Lonoke, and Pulaski County residents and will be used for temporary housing, home repairs, low-cost loans, and other needs. It may also be made available to state and local governments and private non-profit organizations and may also contribute to the cost of risk mitigation measures.

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