The war in Ukraine and the balance of the planets: the United States is pushing Moscow to China

The war in Ukraine and the balance of the planets: the United States is pushing Moscow to China

The strategic dynamics of this indirect war between Washington and Moscow are driving the rupture between Europe and Russia. The result could be to push American Europe somewhat to the gates of Moscow and Russia into the Chinese orbit. Military tactical results and, above all, the duration of the conflict between one ceasefire and the other can slow down or deviate this path. It is difficult to change. At least as long as you only fight in the Ukrainian theater. Whether in Ukraine, Americans prevail over Ukrainians (possible) or Russians (unlikely) over time, as well as in the event of a legalized temporary impasse in a new division of the country, the separation of NATO and the Russian Federation leads to divorce without appeal. It is punishable by penalties that are difficult to abolish in substance and spirit. Over the years we will be able to adjust the degree of separation, and we will never get it back the current situation.

The Ukrainian game is in fact a double. A world class and continental veterinarian. In terms of planetary balance, for the Americans, rejecting the Russians in Asia meant striking together the main enemy: China. She was forced to save a partner to whom she attributed special military virtue and decent credibility. Both evaporated upon first contact with evidence of war. The Russian-Chinese agreement is not broken, but only because of the temporary lack of alternatives. Nobody trusts Putin anymore. The heated public debate that has erupted in Beijing over the war, with alarming voices from the Russians being displayed, bears witness to Chinese confusion. At the same time, the People’s Republic is an indispensable reference to that large part of the world – the demographic majority – that does not want to align itself with the Russians or the Americans. The two votes cast by the UN General Assembly on US resolutions condemning Moscow are as empty realistically as they are of geopolitical significance. India’s non-discrimination, which for Washington is a central focus of anti-Chinese containment, of Israel and the United Arab Emirates is the maximum of three neutral, indigestible defections in Washington.

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On a scale that touches us most, Russia’s exclusion from our continent underscores the deep divisions among us Europeans over whether and how to deal with Moscow. In this scheme, we detail along an error drawn by radical historical, cultural, and geopolitical differences, aggravated by the sanctions that Washington intends to put pressure on Moscow (the results have not been received) and which fall largely on the shoulders of European allies, willing or forced to make their own decisions. . There are those who intend to follow the American trend because they aspire to the rank of the Atlantic vanguard and trust the umbrella of Washington. Those who persisted in Europe’s utopia as a force – a cipher of early European imperialism, style Coudenhove-Kalergi – but at the same time she is re-protecting herself in her own way in the Empire of Stars and Stripes (France). It is swinging (Germany).

From the perspective of economic and social peace, the losers in this war, long after the Russians, will be us Europeans. Without prejudice to the fate of the main victims, the Ukrainians. Millions of them would eventually settle in the heart of Europe, especially in Poland and Italy as well. How much in the coming months and years we will be able to show solidarity with Ukrainian refugees and not only give us a measure of our vaunted civilization.

A geographical irony is that the hyper-Americans and Western Europeans because they are Russophobia, led by Poland and Romania not the second great, lie east of Elba, the ecclesiastical boundary between West and East. The Poles hope to push the Euro-Atlantic border beyond the Bug, at least up to the Dnieper, if the Russians keep Crimea and Donbass. Their close sponsor is England, which smells of victory in another episode of the Great Game. More than ever America’s maid, London is crushing on her to the point of embarrassing her. With or without the rest of his kingdom.

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To the west we meet the orphans of Russia. Understand the balance of both Germany and America. France is the leader, around the magnet of the Rhine, and the Bundesrepublique stands between the opposing choices embodied by its western still economic majority and the eastern minority, which exhibit red-brown veins. After the war was forced to re-enter history, Germany remains the big question mark. Italy in confusion after zigzagging between Berlin and Paris.

The end of the indefinite peace, due to the direct or indirect involvement of all forces in the Donbass (!) Battle, is worse than the beginning of a war that can certainly be counted, like all the other running powers. In other places, the peace had already evaporated or never settled. But if peace ends in Europe, the world really changes.

Poetry, a crossroads between fantasy and reality, can help us understand. Aphorisms in the prophetic prose of perhaps our greatest female writer, Anna Maria Ortiz (1914-98). Where the need for reality, especially the invisible, passes through the imagination. revolution. To understand its meaning, each in his freedom, has the last word, taken from children of creation.

“(…) to understand, to finally understand, after half a century of horror, after a century or two of cultural errors, to understand whether younger and more prepared men (…) have at last understood what is at the heart of the problem, the heart of time, the heart of truth (that hell that controls history from the particular to the general, from the coasts where the sun rises to where it sets). revolution We expect. (…) It’s about editing from other peoples – the dumb peoples of this land, the soulless peoples – by the dictator who was endowed with a soul and immortal moreover! – who was always their executioner. His name (this executioner) is known, but his lip does not always agree with his pronunciation. How and when will this revolution begin? I don’t know. But it will be the greatest, and from him alone will some hope of a man’s proud life begin again.”

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