George Santos, the US MP who lied about everything –

George Santos, the US MP who lied about everything –
to Viviana Mazza

The United States lie around mother and work. But the Republicans need his vote and are not thinking of expelling him, on the contrary: they give him a seat on two committees in the House of Representatives.

New York The political version of Frank Abagnalewho posed as a PanAm pilot, a doctor, and a prosecutor, as told in try to hold me, It also became a movie. The male version of Anna Sorokin Nicknamed Anna Delphi, who pretended to be an heiress to get into New York high society. Unlike Abagnale and Sorokin, Jorge Santos has not yet been convicted of fraud. He appears every day in Congress, as Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy has just named him to two House committees (science and small business). And that’s despite a Santos employee posing as McCarthy’s chief of staff to raise money for his election to New York’s 3rd District in November. But the speaker needs every vote, given the narrow Republican majority. and deputy Under investigation for falsehoods regarding every aspect of his biography and the origin of the $700,000 he funded his campaignHe won’t leave: I embellished the bio he says but I committed no crime.

Santos never worked For Citigroup or Goldman Sachs, and he didn’t graduate from the prestigious Baruch College (or anywhere else) – he said he got on a scholarship to play volleyball, and he took the team so seriously he ended up with knee replacements but it was never worth it Harvard devastated: Everything is wrong. He worked for a year at Harbor City Capital, an investment firm accused of setting up a Ponzi scheme: Santos invested Andrew Intrater’s money, The cousin of the Russian oligarch is under sanctions, Victor Vekselberg. Santos’ campaign was funded by Interatr with tens of thousands of dollars.

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He lied about his mother’s death: He said on Twitter that it happened in the 9/11 attack. Instead, her campaign website claimed that she was in her office in the South Tower that day but narrowly escaped death from cancer a few years later; In fact, Fatima Caruso Devolder was not in the United States, but in Brazil where George says he was born in 1988. He lied about his Jewish origins: the alleged Jewish ancestors who fled Europe during World War II were born in Brazil before the conflict. when we approached him In November at the Republican Jewish Coalition summit in Las Vegas, Tell us about your Italian relatives: a rare fact that has eluded him (his maternal great-grandfather was called Vicente Caruso).

Santos used several pseudonyms: Under the name Anthony Devolder, he ran an animal charity, called Friends of Pets United. A Navy veteran asked him to help save his dog, who had cancer; Devolder created a page on the Internet, collected three thousand dollars, but then sent the owner and the dog to a veterinarian he knew who said the tumor could not be treated and was littered with money (the dead dog). One of Devolder’s Wikipedia pages says that she won beauty contests as a drag queen. Santos comes out as gay (although he was married). Image portrays him in 2008 as a drag queen under the alias Kitara, but he denies it. He denies everything. the The New York Times
Appearance is thought to have made him convincing, as is the case with Anna Sorokin: gray, slick sweaters under a jacket, beige pants and black-rimmed glasses (but according to some he can see well) as a subaltern.fleeting moment. Two friends accuse him of stealing a Burberry scarf and an Armani shirt; In Brazil, she bought clothes and shoes with checks from an elderly man whose mother cared for her as a nurse.

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Democratic physicist and Congressman Bill Foster He can’t wait to join the science committee, writes Santos, a Nobel laureate and Fields Medalist, on Twitter. For his pioneering work in the field of imaginary numbers.

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