Heather Parisi speaks after the mortgage demanded by Lucio Prista during Beasts: Showgirl Backlash

Heather Parisi speaks after the mortgage demanded by Lucio Prista during Beasts: Showgirl Backlash

Heather Parisi broke her silence afterward, as TV director Lucio Prista revealedwas forced to spend a “significant sum” to settle a libel conviction, after being accused by a law enforcement officer in a television studio.

Presta version

On March 13, Prista shared his view on Twitter. “You’ve had plenty of time, my dear Heather Parisi, to settle what the Court ordered who judged you to pay a large sum for libel, but you and your noir thought you could still get away with it, so I had to do what I absolutely didn’t want to.”

And Thursday added, “On the occasion of recording ‘Belfie’ Usher assisted by Public Force (thanks to Arma) Attachment to a normal person in the studios, at the end of the recording. To avoid the indignity of having your personal effects taken, you had to make a third-party transfer and pay the amount owed, a process that required a few hours in the production center’s dressing room.

This time your teacher Failed to evade payment And make you live a life of true mortification in front of everyone.”


Heather Parisi relied on Instagram to respond indirectly to the manager’s words, without directly quoting him. Post an upside-down photo. The former dancer mentioned it in a post: “It is so difficult to forget pain that in the end we forget that there is also sweetness. And this sweetness is so wonderful that it heals scars that even time could not erase.”

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Often, he added, judgments are “not about who we are but what we stand for, not what we do but who we inspire, not how we dress but what we mean.” Because a happy smile is contagious and more intimidating than a frown And kindness kills more than any outrageous violence.”

Heather Parisi responds to the principal

The origin of the differences

As reconstructed by Gazzettino, it all began in 2017 at the time of “Nemicamatissima”, a program of rai that in 2016 brought together Parisi and Lorella Cuccarini. there Italian American ShowgirlIn a post on her blog, she was accused of cutting off her performances and not listening to her artistic proposals, effectively treating her as a guest rather than a hero.

Tensions exploded when “Blind Labyrinth” with Parisi, which was to be broadcast by Rai, ceased distribution.

During the epidemic emergency of Covid-19, the former showgirl fiercely argued with some doctors and virologists, including Robert Burioni and others.

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