Six Sisters Weekly Previews July 10-14: Elisa swears revenge!

Six Sisters Weekly Previews July 10-14: Elisa swears revenge!

Let’s discover together the weekly previews of Six Sisters, a TV series broadcast from Monday to Friday on Rai 1: here are the summaries of the episodes that will be broadcast from 10 to 14 July 2023.

thanks for the Six Sisters Weekly Previews, telenovela broadcast by Rai 1, let’s find out all the news regarding next week’s episodes. in the episodes to be broadcast From 3 to 7 July 2023 We will find that the debut of Elisa will be a real failure because of SofiaBut the girl thinks the sisters are to blame, I swear revenge. Blanca decided to marry Rodolfo, And the latter realizes that his girlfriend has feelings for his brother … But let’s find out more about this together!

Weekly previews of Six Sisters July 10-14, 2023

Episode summary Monday, July 10

Big news for Francesca: She will be the one to sing in The Marriage of Figaro! RudolphMeanwhile, he realizes that Blanca Try something to Cristobal. CarolineHowever, she is threatened by the child’s real mother…

Summary of the series Six Sisters, Tuesday, July 11

Elise She is pleased with the preparations for the first time and brags about it Sophia. Francesca Again by one of Ambigù’s clients during Don Ricardo to threaten Adela in prison. Blanca decides to marry and Rodolfobut Donna Dolores disagree…

Episode summary Wednesday, July 12th

debut of Elise It’s ready, but it’s a real disaster. SophiaEnvious people did not send invitations. But the girl does not know this and thinks that the sisters have wronged her, so she swears revenge.

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Six Sisters Episode Synopsis Thursday, July 13th

Elise He wants his mother’s image and thus asks his father for help. Petra He wants his working conditions to improve: if he does, his secret will remain safe. DianaMeanwhile, he wants to find out what he’s up to Don Ricardo in the factory…

Six Sisters Episode Synopsis Thursday, July 13th

Salvador Find Diana He passed out at the factory. The girl suspects him and feels that he is hiding something from her.

Six sistersthe Spanish series, is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 15.55 on opinion 1.

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