He’s afraid of his father, not me

He’s afraid of his father, not me

Big Brother 2023/2024

Chaos in the Big Brother house after Heidi Bache’s father’s words. The contestant burst into desperate tears and asked Alfonso Signorini to leave the reality show. The flight attendant asked her to give herself time to think about it carefully.

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Big Brother 2023/2024

Episode from Big brother The Monday, October 16 broadcast saw a particularly intense moment. Genty’s father Heidi kisses He asked his daughter to leave the house. The man seemed disturbed by the relationship that had developed between Jevina and Massimiliano Varese Who, according to her, will mistreat her. When Ginty left the house, there was a confrontation between Massimiliano Varese and Heidi Bacci. The latter has expressed his desire to leave Alfonso Signorini’s reality show.

Comparison between Massimiliano Varese and Heidi Bacci

After meeting with her father, Heidi Bassi had a confrontation with Massimiliano Varese, to whom she told:

I respect you, I like you, you’re not violent. My father doesn’t like to see someone have an oppressive attitude towards me. The conclusion is always the same: the attraction was there, I was infatuated with you, but let’s put an end to that. We are different people, for me it ends here.

Massimiliano agreed:Me tooThen he explained to Alfonso Signorini that he preferred silence, because he had heard Heidi’s father utter some very serious accusations:

Alfonso, at this moment, I think silence is better for me. I prefer to remain silent after these serious accusations. Now I understand what Heidi was afraid of and it wasn’t me. He will definitely be afraid of his father’s judgment. I prefer silence because the situation is sensitive. I hope we can end it here. What happened tonight is very serious. In an age where there are battles against patriarchy, it is better for me to remain silent. I learn a big lesson from this trip, it reinforces my idea as a father, to encourage my daughter to live freely.

Heidi Bache is crying and threatening to leave the house

Heidi Bashi first ordered Massimiliano Varese: “Be careful what you say“. He added: “I hit the brakes and had already decided to end things with Massimiliano, and it wasn’t good to make him look oppressive. But I always said it wasAnd then, when Alfonso Signorini cut off the call home, she burst into desperate tears, telling her adventure companions that she had to return home because her parents were not well: “I’m leaving tomorrow, my mother is sickThe host summoned her to the confessional, where Jevina repeated her annoyance:

I’m worried, my father wasn’t well, I can’t understand. I want to leave the program. I saw him worried and sorry, he said that if my mother doesn’t look at me anymore, it means she is very sick.

Alfonso Signorini invited her to spend some time in meditation: “I have done so much to participate in this adventure. Think about it, and maybe tomorrow morning, after talking with your friends, you will make a decision. Later, I promise, we’ll put you in touch with Mom and Dad. I want everything but you to feel bad like this. I’ve already talked to the authors about this and they will tell you what to do. Don’t worry, drink a good glass of water“So, Gefina agreed to think about it until tomorrow.

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